Small soldiers

A group of game soldiers are equipped with computer chips, enabling them to learn all kinds of commands. These are called commando elites. The driver is called Major Chip Hazard and after trying to change their computer chip they try to sweat in an Ohio suburb and take over the other games [these are affectionately called the Gorgonites].

Like the Gremlin, there is a chaos atmosphere. The games are loose and they start their own business. Adult adults can not figure out the minority changes around them. So kids have to deal with the conflicts around them. The kids win.

We have to say, there is a lot of violence on the part of the soldiers; and this is not attractive to both children and parents alike. Some parts of the film are a little scary and can spout the children under 8 years of age.

The movie is a little slow and boring. It can also be promoted. There is such a good supporting submission that it is a shame to ruin a relatively weak and unsupported story.

But there is still something weird about it, and of course we realize that soldiers are actually toys, and that's not the real life. I do not think I would prove to a child under 10 or under 11 if I had a choice. But I said that for some really frightening reasons I did not feel that the children would be particularly disturbed.

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