Slavery in the 21st Century

Man is free to be born. To live freely and freely to die, the desire of every creature born. But even in this industrialization era; which is part of the XXI. century, a well-known group of people still desires the freedom of the body, the soul, and the soul. These modern slaves are forced to come from their home country or choose a seductive attitude by promising to redeem money.

His servants in Sudan, slaves of slaves in Europe, slave South Pakistan's breadcrumbs and carp in India; the people of the 21st century who were ostracized and their conscience was brutally tortured and exploited in the form of social, economic benefits, fetish goals, body parts and child soldiers.

Who are the clients of trafficking? Any society? Any organization? Everyone? Which state? Even after the survey, this question still does not respond. The need for the clock is to address this dark aspect by developing an organization or delegation that is based on mutual signatures of governments to impose criminal law regulations.

Such brands and industrial products must be boycotted by people who have been illegally trafficked.

The United Nations adopted the Palermo Convention in 2000 and established two protocols:

1. Prevention, Suppression and Punishment of Trafficking in Human Beings

2. Smuggling of Immigrants by Land, Sea or Air

The aim is to facilitate the poor and the ambulance through the prohibition of rehabilitation and trafficking in human beings. This issue should also be addressed by the fact that people who have been victims of trafficking have not been punished because of a criminal offense or their activity.

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