Separation anxiety, why does my child cry when I leave it?

Young babies are usually comfortable with all of their people who make sure they are gays, fed and loved.

Between 7 and 12 months, this change, babies develop the "object's permanence" is the consciousness of things disappear and reappear. Look at the baby to drop the game from the baby carriage or auxiliary chair and then see where she went.

In this age they are aware of their lives, mother, father, siblings, grandparents, caregivers (when they were in childhood).

While aware of people living in their lives, babies do not yet know the time, so if a parent or another loved one moved to another room, they left "away" remotely and actually.

For some children this will be a devastating nose until the mother returns.

What can families do to support their children through this phase? The stage of development is exactly what it is. However, there is no definite answer as each child is different and separation anxiety may be different for each. Everyone in the family can experience differently.

The most important thing is to be reassuring, talk to your children when you leave the room and continue the conversation. Use phrases like "mummy goes to the bathroom / bedroom, etc. I'm coming back, you are fine, I will not be long". This repetition every time you have to go out of sight, will help them know that they are coming back. Sometimes the baby will meet moving around the house. Each time you return, you will certainly be comforted and reassuring, and your talk about your return will be enough. Use phrases like "Mummy back, you're good to bring your favorite games / books back when you bring them back to the game, you'll send a new message".

Consistency is also important if you leave the child with your family, babysitters, and child care, and both parents must repeat it when leaving the child.
"Mom / dad works / shopping, etc., you'll be getting a nice day with Nana, the caretaker's provider." We'll go back to look. "Sometimes children are less nervous for one of the parents if the parent the child can be taken to the nursing staff, it may be less stressful for all concerned

short, do not spend much time saying goodbye, it is much more stressful for you and your child. Give your baby a favorite game or cuddly as the attention of the baby, sometimes it is an object that has a smell like a mother / father or a home. If you're gone, do not go back to another nursing, it will prolong the unbreaking time

It's outrageous that a crying baby leaves your trust, your appointment, You make the baby order and content.

Babies often cry when their parents return to collect them, which does not mean they are confused and weeping all day long and are happy to see them. you return and this is a natur al reaction. Do not forget to meet a family member at the airport, there are always a few tears. The cursing and chatting about what you were doing at the time you were away were soon tearing the tears.

If your child collects children from formal childcare and signs the attendance report and collects bottles and bags, try to do this before you pick up your wife as they get attached to reinstate them. deal with admin items.

Keep in mind that this is a stage if you are comfortable and confident that your child will soon be in the next stage. Each child is different and separation can be more stressful than others. Time helps them settle into new routines and become comfortable with new people.

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