Selection of breastfeeding childcare

Recently, I was honored to talk about breastfeeding to a group of students who are studying at my child's schooling. I shared with them the importance that breastfeeding should have the mother baby. Young people encouraged the question of truly thoughtful questions. In the future, they will play a key role in ensuring that more kindergartens receive a nursing and friendly environment

But if you are a mother who is considering returning to work … how do you choose the best childcare for a nursing baby? In addition to any other questions you will ask for dada, child care or nursery, there are some unique breastfeeding:

  • Do you have a breastfeeding policy?
  • Is there a breastfeeding option when you stop or take it? (This can be crucial … imagine trying to get you home in the car or in the tube / bus with a baby who missed your mother and would like to be the first to take care of it.)
  • What training does your staff have on breastfeeding and breastfeeding ? nursing infants?
  • How many other moms are breastfeeding here? Maybe even talk to some people to look at the question.
  • If you're working with a nanny or childrens wife, ask politely about your personal experiences with breastfeeding.
  • What are the options for breastfeeding for storing and heating milk?

And of course … once you choose the right childcare, never assume that you know the proper ways to store and replenish your milk. The Breastfeeding Network has a great booklet titled "Breastfeeding Expression and Storing". It's a wonderful reminder of small pieces that you can ask them to fill up the refrigerator.

Hungry breastfeeding after a hard day in the office can be one of the most popular ways to relax … and allows the baby to continue to receive the perfect nutrition and boast of immunity. With a little preparation, support and endurance, you can still enjoy the close proximity of the knitting as long as you both want it. Three times …

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