Selection between childcare tax credit and Flex account

Your employer can offer a pending, flexible bill of expenditure to help with taxes on childcare costs. However, there are exceptions and details suggesting that you consider your financial situation before choosing a flexible expenditure bill or child care allowance or both.

First, you must estimate your income and childcare costs during the year. Compare costs by providing child care loans. You then need to understand the Dependent Care Flexible Spending account benefits. In 2009, a couple of announcements together will give you $ 5,000 pretax money to a flexible expense account. Since this money is not taxable, it reduces its total tax liability by reducing the taxable income. The Child Care tax credit reduces the amount of tax due but does not reduce the taxable income.

Some taxpayers can use the child care allowance and the flexible expenditure bill, provided that they have two or more children and spend more than $ 5,000 on child care costs. These taxpayers make $ 5,000 in a flexible expense account and are entitled to $ 1,000 for the Child Care Tax credit.

If you're doing math, you'll probably discover that if you and your spouse cost more than $ 43,000 each year and are looking for more than your childcare costs in a year, the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is the best option for you .

For parents, less than $ 43,000 per year and for single parents, childcare tax credits may be a better alternative. If you use a tax preparation program such as Turbo Tax, only software calculates your income tax in both ways. The highest return or the lowest tax liability is the way.

Keep in mind that the disadvantage of flexible spending is that the money is deducted from the salary, and the money that you put aside and you do not use child care must go back to the government. It is therefore important to calculate childcare costs as accurately as possible. You do not want to lose money on flexible bills.

If you perform mathematics accurately or let a software program happen, you can determine which one of the three options best serves your personal income tax strategy. In any case, it is important for parents to get all the help from the federal government to childcare costs.

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