Refusing and minimizing the sexual harassment of children

Sexual abuse of children is similar to any other form of physical assault – this includes violence. Victims of this type of crime experience long-term effects and traumas that can actually injure their entire lives. Sexual abuse as a child means a victim is subjected to a violent act that uses power and manipulation. This is a classic symbol of a powerful victory. Two main motivational factors for the sexual abuse of children are the desire to meet the sexual need and the control over the victims of power and authority.

While most people are the ones who suffer most from the sexual abuse of children, the views of society are not necessarily the same. Social and cultural norms are nowadays interpreted as taboos for the sexual harassment of children, but why do people accuse victims of accusations?

Various studies have been made of some of the scenarios in which allegations of sexual harassment of children have been concealed and the alleged victims are either lying or suspect, or simply criticizing. Although sexual harassment of children interrupts all moral rules, the denial, minimization and repression of victims, authorities, and society in general is a continuous trend.

The main reason why society responds differently to cases of sexual harassment is because there are a number of factors that come in. For example, the type of response to a specific statement may have different consequences not only for the victim, but for the family, the neighborhood, the city, and society as a whole. Did you assume that your child in the tyrannical congregation accused the resident priest of how the entire church would react to it? Are you sure other members support your children or go to the priest's side?

In addition to the above example, another scenario is where abuse occurs within the family. Thousands of reports of domestic abuse have been reported. At the same time, within the family there are the same abuses that have not been made public. This is because many families hides abuses, as the public has betrayed that it only interferes with the image and reputation of the entire clan. Surely this will cause confusion and negative perception to the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, in this type of scenes, the child's victim suffers the most. Refusing a family can only result in negative consequences for never-ending trauma and victim. Surely there is a life that is full of misery and pain – not to mention the physical and psychological disorders caused by the disclosure and concealment of the crime

Another reason why the allegations of the sexual harassment of children continue to deny and reject the fact that, that society and the public generally do not want to accept the crime of sexual harassment in children. After a few decades, families in the United States do not think their children are a constant threat to pedophiles and sexual offenders. But if we look at the numbers today, it's obvious that cases and accusations are not isolated. But many parents still do not want to take it seriously, as it is only fear and anxiety for the whole family.

Finally, the issue of sexual harassment in children definitely involves such emotions as fear, anger, riots, and others. That is why there is a lot of stake when someone accuses the person of the crime, especially when he is a remarkable member of society. We must therefore accept the fact that society's response to the sexual abuse of children always depends on the other consequences instead of the victim's rightfulness and healing.

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