Rape – Problems and Solutions

Sexual violence is a social evil that has reached an explosive rate. He has destroyed countless lives and continues to continue at a frantic pace. No one is immune, and no age. From infants to the elderly, corpses have become a vicious symbol of rape in the false world. In the United States, rape is reported two minutes; In India, every 54 minutes, in Pakistan, every three hours. The tragedy is that 80% of fathers, siblings, relatives or friends commit. Six to six in a relative or friend's home or home. The story of the father of Austria who raped her daughter for 24 years and captured seven children is still fresh in our heads.

Although rape occurs in all social groups, there is a more frequent social status. Molestation may not be a whimsical character. He may be well trained, well-cared and high in society, such as a judge, government official, policeman or priest. Even doctors know they raped patients in their clinics. A slave may belong to a young teenager from an elderly person to any young age. The growing tendency for minors to rape or seduction is terrible. Children aged 14 and above know that they are raping their classmates and killing them for fear of fear.

Reasons for Reporting:

As a regular slave, 8 to 10 women may be lost before being caught. Since the conviction rate is only about 2%, many cases are not reported.

o Most women fear the strike is linked to rape, especially if the law does not judge the killer. They are mysterious and even think they are guilty in some way.

o Lack of Faith in the Judicial System: Many times the court brings the victim to court, questioning his moral morals and assessing sexual history. When a Mumbai policeman raped a 15 year old chewing gum, the judge stated, "Rodent and No Consequence".

Because of such perverted thinking and righteousness, many judges are "the act of suffering" and the minimum sentence is awarded.

Legal battles are long and tedious. Evidence of rape is on the victim.

o Fear of the rapist or the scorner.

o Fear of harmful reactions from society, parents, husbands, employers or others.

o Fear to suppress the family portrait, especially if there are no female brothers.

According to a study, 43% of women do not know the law; 23% are too shy to move forward; 12% are afraid of the police; 12% said the complaint did not make any difference.

A young girl said, "I protest to society that people have the right to rape and the suffering of women as negligible." A killer can easily say it, but the victim's sentence is life. "violence?

This is a form of sexual sadism that involves unlawful sexual invasion, force, extortion or false promises. "I believe that all that violates the integrity of the female body should be mentioned as rape," says Brinda Karat, a female activist. "Sexual violence, with the exception of dehumanization, is an unlawful intrusion into the right to privacy and women's holiness," says A. S. Anand's Justice

Situations in which sexual violence occurs:

– They arrested rape when a woman was arrested for a small crime.

– The family of children is the petfighter's pastime. 1, 5, raped children under the age of 15. Some people do not even care for babies in the cradle.

– Casting sofas are routine in the film or modeling industry. If a person is desperate, he becomes vulnerable.

– The time of the year is rape. An attacker usually belongs to the victim and heals the victim with GHB, Rophinoll, Ketamine or any such drug. These drugs dissolve in powder or liquid and dissolve in each drink. These drugs make the victim physically helpless and unable to withstand sex and are unable to remember the event. Alcohol increases the effect of drugs. There is no clue in the bloodstream after 72 hours

– Severe rape occurs when a violent man introduces an instrument or alien body to the victim, to build his own orgasm.

– Matrimonial violence, which is not recognized by law.

"In marriage, the weakest, most dangerous, neglected people in the world are licensed to rape or crack rape," says Virginia Woolfe

– Necrophilia: Robbing of corpses is common in some tribes. Sometimes sexual perverts may also indulge in such activities.

Why do they force rape?

– People have the feeling of power and their identity. Forcing women to sex subjugates their masculinity. Enjoy.

Lust in those people who did not discipline their impulse. Testosterone does not affect male libido flare.

– Economic reasons: In some communities the bride's price may be too high. Due to poverty, low socio-economic status, unemployment and lack of skills, men disturb the frustration of rape. The victim and the killer can live in the same area. Downtown girls are given the chance to rape in 70, while in rich areas there may be 1 in 2000.

– In communities living in strict codes of conduct where gender is not allowed to blend, suppressed males express themselves through sexual violence through their manhood.

– Anti-social and cross-border personalities behave irresponsibly. This is strengthened by drugs and alcohol.

– Misogyny: Men who hate women commit violent crimes against them. Many are aggressive moms and shy fathers. The verbal misuse of a mother can give a bad self-image to a man. Wrath against mother or sisters finds a victim who can not defend himself, or weaken mental and raped him.

– Bad self-worthy men are convinced that no woman wants to sleep with them voluntarily. Sexual fantasies arouse them and rape themselves.

– Evil: When people are rejected or ignored, they feel rather offensive to use rape as a revenge.

– Growing feminism: women break down all the men's bastions. Economically independent and move upwards. Men's jails are being done as never before. Because of assisted reproduction technology and genetic engineering, some people feel unhappy and ill. As a result, they resort to violence.

– Sex industry and pornography encourage men to treat women as goods and humiliate their joys.
"Sexual violence is nothing more than a deliberate intimidation by which every man keeps women in the state of fear," says Susan Brown Miller.

– Men accused women of threatening women's character with wasting, unusual exposure, dark costumes, and suggestive behavior. This says that the desire for men stumble. Women refute this because rape occurs in small towns or villages where women are modestly worn.

– Violence in war is sanctioned by the highest authorities as demoralizing the social fabric of a nation, impregnating women. They also assume that it alleviates aggression and promotes attachment among soldiers.

The impact of rape on the victim:

Rape-Trauma syndrome is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. She has two stairs. The first is disorder due to the variety of rape. Darkness, anger, guilt and shame can occur. Reorganization is the second stage, which takes place gradually in 3-4 months. Sometimes it may take longer. The victim can be vulnerable, frightened and can not live his life completely. The remaining damage is caused by rape afterwards. Depression, sexual dysfunction, vaginism, sexual intercourse and the inability of social inclusion are common. The person may take alcohol or drugs to overcome fear and depression. The survivor of rape is nine times more likely to commit suicide. But if the victim receives instant support and is able to indulge in sorrow, fear or anger, there is a greater chance of recovery.

Solutions to Minimize Sexual Violence in Society:

o Educating the public by raising awareness of rape in society through educational and awareness programs. Men, politicians, police, justice and the public should be sensitized to violence against women. There is a need for new sexual roles. Stereotype gender roles only make men more aggressive and women are more vulnerable.

o Educating girls: Parental support secures girls a sense of security and belonging. They will trust to express their fears and concerns. Parents should encourage their children to report to them about events such as physical proximity, inadequate touching even if they are for father, sibling or relatives. Girls need to be aware of the dangers hidden in society. 60% of teenagers tend to be bold and impulsive.

Women should also be aware of rape and harassment. Men's judges are too easy for survivors and too hard for the victims. Because of injustice, the law was badly reported. The trials must be time-consuming and the punishment should be quick. Violent crisis centers should advise and support victims of rape.

o Teaching girls needs to include specific "do" and "don" s. You must tell them never to let a stranger have a long arm and never accept sweet or toys from strangers; never leads to a stranger in an isolated place you want to visit; beware of excess. Children from unhappy homes are easy targets because they are hungry with love. Even school-goers who travel between school and home schools can take advantage of friendly children. Teens can be attracted to people who promote movie or modeling. If attacked, the child has to say he falls to the ground and screams for help.

o Educating parents: Communication and the communication line between their children must always be free of tension. Many parents think that the children are too young to know rape, as this would frighten them. Children need to be aware that there are few evil people in society.

Parents should also warn sudden retreat, loss of appetite, nightmares, or denial of school attendance.

Parents should check on sites where children visit the network and the type of books they read.

A child who is aware of the dangers is more likely to prevent the killer. The solution is a caution.

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