Protecting Kids Now

Children are the future of the world. Children hope in Nigeria. The kids are tomorrow's people. They are the new inspiration. Children, our joy, our pride, our future! No wonder the Nigerians celebrate your child's arrival with splendor and singing. The child's mother receives a lot of gifts as more and more people gather for care and cook. Where the new baby's parents boast of prosperity, the family throws drums to celebrate the bundle of joy. Different cultures contribute in a variety of ways to celebrate the best gift of everborn children.

On the birthday of a child we celebrate the idea that people will never hurt children? But they … These valuable souls soon become neglected, exploited and abused. Hundreds of children die every week of physical and sexual abuse. Many have been raped, molested, insulted … Even with a number of provisions for the child's rights law, children's law and children's interests, ten children swallow the bitter blow of child abuse. It is estimated that 34% are ignored, 30% are sexually abused, 28% are physically abused, and another 8% suffer from various emotional abuses.

Do you know that the United Nations World Federation estimates that the street children's population is estimated at 150 million worldwide, with daily increases? Lagos has a lot of kids on the street. Unfortunately, society has come to accept them, and some are labeled as "neighborhood boys" or "territorial girls". Some people beg in the street while others sell or steal. Although some children were driven to poverty by poverty; most people on the street had to escape to one form of abuse or something else. Some have room for night retirement, but others have come to host the street. Have you ever wondered how they came there?

Street children and thousands of people who stay within but far from home are abused, misused, neglected, brutal, sexually exploited and drug addicts. Some people have been killed by local police officers or cleanliness classes hired by the police.

Sadly, 90% of children are familiar with the abusers. Surprisingly, often people who have come to trust the victim – a family friend, a relationship, a nurse or even a parent! We may need to reconsider our children's habits, beliefs, practices and attitudes.

Ten to Ten in Childhood Arrested

"My father robbed and beat my mother when I went out to my friends, later raped when my mother went to the village." – Titilayo, 13 years

"My mom always worries me, he said that I could be a boy." – Nneka, 8 years

My uncle defeats me when I go home without selling all my fertilizer Amadu, 11 years

Most children are afraid to open their abortion because of fear, is the child sexually abused? The child is familiar with sexual intercourse, can have medical problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, responds very much to correction, for example. you run away or commit suicide, the child becomes insecure and knows the known people.

How can you say that a child is physically abused? There are eg. Bumps that can not be explained, and such a child may be absent from medical examination or gambling, other indicators may be self-destructive and may be afraid of physical contact

How can you tell if you have left the child? The child may be hungry or malnourished, the child may be unbearable, the child is always tired, the child may have untreated health problems and may withdraw from social interaction due to the slightest convenience. The child can become a compulsive cleaner.

A child with emotional disorder has perceived the inhibition of physical, mental and emotional development. A child may begin to listen or cause sudden speech disturbances, lack self-esteem, respond to mistakes, misjudge the pain, fear new situations, and be extremely passive or extremely aggressive.

If you know a child who is being abused, please encourage the child to talk to someone, be the child's parent, guardian, friend, mentor, counselor or someone whom the child trusts. If you know an abuse, it is your responsibility to report to the police or through various assistance tools through non-governmental organizations or the Lagos State Department of Women's Affairs and Poverty (WAPA).

The Law on the Rights of the Child is to be fully implemented and initiatives such as the Yellow Card on Child Abuse should be published. Our legislators have to start prosecuting perpetrators of children's criminal offenses. There must be serious retaliatory consequences for those who abuse children. Violence against children should be considered as a criminal offense, especially as some children have a negative impact on life. The report of the abductees of children should be published on media, television, radio, print, on the Internet, to ensure that such offenders prevent the abuse of other children.

Parents and caregivers need to learn to communicate with their children to make their trust trustworthy. Learn the skills of children to prevent children from abusing The National Radiocommunication Committee and the media should gain their roles from stakeholders by ensuring that adult children's materials are not shown. Content celebrating child abuse should not be broadcast.

In 1976, thousands of black school children attended Soweto's South African streets. They have been protesting for more than half a mile in the worse quality of their education and have demanded that their rights be taught in their own language. In the next two weeks, when Soweto was known as an uprising, hundreds of innocent people, especially young boys and girls, were massacred and thousands injured.

The African Unit Day was initiated by the African Unit Day (African Association of Unions), not only in South Africa, but also through Africa through Africa, who bravely paid the price of the children's voice. now the African Union) and we celebrate every year since 1991 on June 16th.

The day draws attention to the lives of African children. This year, the sun is estimated to focus on planning 30 million "street children" in Africa under the theme of "Together for Urgent Actions in Street Children". Respect for this day in 2011 seeks to contribute to the widespread awareness of street children, to promote urgent action and to define effective child protection strategies

As part of Vanguard's newspaper The Parenting Commemoration of the Day of the African Child Summit, Cares Global Network, Willows Magazine publisher, went to Obalende, Lagos, to provide lunch packets to street children. The students (on June 16) will be on the move to re-read the vision of those arriving from Soweto.

The African child's day is a day of reflection in which all of us must reflect the special needs of African children; equal access to education, health and abuse such as physical, emotional and sexual harassment, child exploitation, recruitment of child soldiers, child labor and child marriage.

Although day-to-day commemoration has brought the African child under the globe of light, we do not yet see the true recognition of the African child. The true value of the African child will only come when their voices are heard and invested in the collective future of their investment; when gender inequality is over when children are protected from all forms of abuse when their small bodies are no longer considered as disposable and demand ends with the means of sexual, labor and weapons. war. Up until the day, children in the African continent continue to suffer unjustly, their abusers do not get cheated for their actions, and most governments are nervous.

Remember the other day of the African Child, take a moment to share their aspirations and aspirations, share their courage and hope, only tomorrow will be a better day for children everywhere.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) states that every child has the right to good health, education, equal treatment, protection of rights and participation. Will you do this? Protects children against violence, exploitation and all forms of abuse? I will. Are you going?

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