Prevention of childhood obesity

What causes childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is common in developed countries. One fourth of children in the United States are overweight and 11% obese. There is evidence that excessive sugar production, higher dose size and a reduction in outdoor and physical activity play a key role in increasing obesity throughout the world. Therefore, excessive consumption of calories and decreased physical activity are factors of childhood obesity

What is the best way to cure childhood obesity?

Prevention is the best cure for childhood obesity. Obesity can be controlled through a number of strategic interventions, including the creation of an appropriate environment, exercise and diet. Most of these strategies can be started at home, while some may be at school, as children spend a lot of time at school. After-school care services can play a significant role in influencing eating and exercising in early childhood. The faster the plan goes, the better for today's generation.

What are the causes of childhood obesity?

Although factors supporting childhood obesity are not fully understood, it is a proven fact that obesity may occur when energy intake exceeds the energy spent by children. Genetic factors also play a part in childhood obesity, but not just the fact that they try to determine what causes obesity in children. Different external factors such as environmental factors, lifestyle preferences and cultural conditions are the reasons for rising childhood obesity. The following factors are also taken into account:

Behavioral and Social Factors

1. Nutrition: Incorrect regulation of calorie intake may be a factor that children consume high calorie foods, but they do not fill in the activity. Fat Intake: Studies have shown that fat intake has decreased in certain parts while growing in certain parts of the country. However, children have a robust system that effectively greases the fat. Therefore it can not be an isolating factor.

3rd Other Nutrition Factors: Alcohol consumption of children has increased in the last decades and is the cause of obesity and II. Type of diabetes was a major cause. Since then, however, no convincing studies have emerged.

4th Physical Activity: Numerous studies have shown that non-physical activities such as watching TV and playing video have contributed to the obesity population. Parents often encouraged their children to watch television and spend more time in their homes to complete their work and babysitters at the same time. Many children have a low proportion of sports and physical education that have increased their chances of obesity

What is the way to preventing childhood obesity

Neighborhood has a large and safe place to play sports and a school that has physical as a part of school work, is the first step towards open children's opening. A home where physical activity is considered necessary and encouraging good nutrition reduces the chances of a child becoming drastically obese. Instead of TV, television and family dinners will take less time, as advertisers have a major influence on their eating habits this age group.

Obesity is an abnormality that has multiple causes, including depression and the physical and mental health of obese children. In obese children, cardio and digestive disorders are common in adulthood. It is thought that excessive consumption of calories and reduced physical activity are the main factors of childhood obesity.

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