Pregnant soldier

The news of waiting for a baby can be glorious or worrying depending on the parents' age, financial status, or parental attitude. Pregnancy can cause great happiness and / or serious problems such as birth defects, stress on relationships, and burden on the budget. Here is a young soldier with advice to find the solution. Confidentiality requires that the identifiers be changed.

Becky was in the army. He was a committed young career coach and looked forward to being an opportunity to serve in Iraq. He was thinking of entering with his friend, who was in the service of the National Guard. However, your friend has started microcontrolling recently, and he's already tired. It was a terrible fight and he realized he was happy to be out of touch. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Becky went with her mother who divorced and supported a teenage boy. Becky promised her mother that the living situation would be temporary, as she expects to go to Iraq in the next few months. A few weeks later he went to a doctor because he was so tired that he was in trouble with his duties. The smiling nurse told Becky she was pregnant. The reality of pregnancy is similar to that of her military career was devastating. Suddenly he left the office. He was sorry for the nights that he had some drinks and threatened birth control. Becky's doctor suggested asking for advice because he was so nervous. She was drinking too much at home and her mother thought Becky was worried about the risk of installation. On the contrary. Becky was afraid he would not come in. Her mother insisted on getting advice. Becky chose to help her with the opportunities, but she is almost certain what she will do. Becky thought he would not have a military option and raise the baby. Although there are counselors in the army, he has tried to conceal pregnancy from his superiors. He said he was killing a trained enemy, but he did not know how to handle getting pregnant. That's why he was stuck, he could not make a decision, and nobody could talk to him to trust. Becky said he did not tell anyone that he was pregnant and was trying to decide life alone. She did not want to marry her dad. His behavior became more unusual and threatening since he was disbanded and he could no longer imagine his future. He was sure the army would not send the pregnant officer to his overseas service. He explained well that he was determined to break the fetus. During her first counseling work, Becky revealed that her mother was a fantastic mother and tried to do her as well as her future children. He hated himself so much that he drank, knowing he was pregnant. More than once, since Becky was so young and very close to her mother, Becky agreed that the right approach was to trust her family. Becky himself decided to tell his family that he was going to tell the baby his dad. However, his friend refused to change his career path to full-time dad, but he said he wanted Becky to baby, anyway. Becky waited for his response and the lack of victims. Somehow he thought he would help and feel worse. She refused to tell her mother who could abuse or criticize her. Nevertheless, he bravely sat with his mother.

Surprisingly, and did not mind Becky that he was careless, his mother did not hesitate to introduce a third-ever working opportunity. Her mother dreaded the loneliness of the empty nest she had expected when her son left school within a few years. He saw the baby as a gift and offered to accept the baby while Becky continued his military career. Becky was relieved of the words. She started to groom and was completely out of drinking. He was busy and got a beautiful, healthy kid. For many years, Becky and her mother shared a happy little child who regularly visited her father and father's grandparents.

Becky was extremely fortunate that his mother was able to educate another child. In the life of one person, the primary problem was solving the loneliness of the other person. If you're concerned about a hard decision, get help from a trained therapist and people who love you. Together you can find a creative solution to the impossible problem.

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