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The pumpkin is very popular during cooking. Baked, boiled, boiled, roasted and roasted. Small pumpkins can be squash or zucchini. The stuffed pumpkin can be used in soup. In the Middle East, the pumpkin is used to make desserts such as halawa and yaqtin. In China, the pumpkin leaves are used as ingredients of soups. In India, kadu ka halwa is made from pumpkin, butter, sugar and other spices. In Japan some of them serve tempura. In Australia, biscuits are usually consumed. In Italy, pumpkin is used with ravioli cheese. In Thailand, small pumpkin steamed pudding, sugar and coconut milk mixture to a Thai dessert – pumpkin pudding.

Usually, kids like to have cakes. It may have its sweet taste and cheerful color – orange. My kid likes baked food too. My wife had been feeding oak food since I was one. She is six years old and still loves the cake. Pumpkin is your favorite food, and does not count on dishes made in soup, oats, rice, steam or mixing, always asking for pumpkin.

I want to share with you the simplest and easiest way to make a pumpkin. You can prepare for the canteen and let the kids bring them to school. Normally I add green peas to make the pot better and more nutritious. Here is the Pumpkin Rice Recipe.

Cooking Methods: (for 4-5 people)


a) 160g of white rice, clean with water and remove the water
b) 220g pumpkin removes the skin and is cut
c) 130 g chicken breast cut into cubes
d) Dried mushroom 7 soft, soak the water and cube the cube
e) Dried shrimp rinse the water for 35 g soft soaking
Onion small (5) cut chops (19459004) (g) 350 ml of water (including the water of soaking mushrooms and dried shrimp)
(h) Low onion


a) Soy sauce 1 t tbsp
) Dark soy sauce 1 tb
c) Ssp. half of salt
d) Sesame oil 2 ts
e) Pepper 1 tk


Chicken breast beached with some starch flour and soy sauce with sugar approx. For 30 minutes.
2. Heat the oil, dry the onion until it smells and ready for use.
3. Reheat the oil, bake fried shrimp with a low flame, add the mushrooms and place the chicken. Mix until half cooked; add white rice and flavorants. Place the rice in the stove, add water and cook until 80%.
4. Then add the cake and the onions on which you have roast before and cook the rice dry.
5. Loosen the rice!
6. Finish.

Cooking Tips:

1. The Australian pumpkin is usually light to cook like your local pumpkin, does not cut too small, approx. Between 1.5 cm and 2 cm.
2. Separate the fried onions in two portions, pour one on the ingredients as a semi-cook, and use other portions when ready to eat. This helps to taste.
3. Chicken breast can be replaced by chicken thighs.
4. The amount of water used to cook rice depends on the type of rice you are using. Use the usual cooking level as a reference
5. Use fresh mushrooms in warm water and rinse.
6. When cooking a cookware, follow the same method (1) and (3), pour all ingredients (except pumpkin and onions), place in water and cook until the water turns. Do not use too much flame, replace it with a medium flame until the water is dry, continue the low flame and put the pumpkin and the onions. Mix from time to time so that the rice does not stick to the pot.

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