Planning child care in 2010

Some of us at the end of the year marked not only the change during vacation but also the planning for the coming year. In 2010, due to high unemployment and devaluation of stocks, 2010 offers new opportunities, new opportunities and new hope for many Americans.

One of your challenges this year was childcare … Dada married and moved or in the daytime you wanted, flew away and got in a situation where you're not satisfied. It may be because of a much more desirable schedule at your workplace, it is difficult to pick up the baby in the daytime and in the nursery at a young child or you have to move unexpectedly and the new hometown does not offer childcare. Or simply a busy mother who is looking for maternity, home, career, and wife, friend, girl.

When planning your career and family goals for 2010, consider the following questions:

1. How many hours of childcare do we need each week?

2.) Would our family have more time together if we were to help with driving or washing children?

3.) Would the couple be able to live with our babysitters in the "date night" family when we have hours left this week?

4.) Will you help us to introduce kids to activities outside the classroom and help them design games, home assignments, and housework?

5.) Can our school-aged child help homework in Spanish or German while her toddler has learned a few words from her tongue without effort?

6.) Would our family be happy to share our home and life with a young nanny who would like to experience America with us? Would our children know more about what's so special about their own country than their dad?

7.) Our extensive family would like to share the festive traditions with our au pair and would not the children want the au pair's home recipes?

8.) Our children would be useful in spending more time in the comfort of their home than in after-school care?

9.) Would our children know more about new things and gain more confidence in personalized, self-catered care rather than just a childcare provider for 4-6 children?

10.) Will our family benefit from au pairs in 2010?

As an au pair program consultant, I like to discuss the challenges and opportunities of au pairs. I help parents decide that the au pair family is the right childcare option for them, and what a difference it would be for the year (s)! But decision-making finds the right questions and finds the right answers.

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