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Edgar Casey, the most prolific prophet of our time, was the first to bring life to life in the twentieth century. Numerous readings have been archived in the Virginia Beach Research and Enlightenment Center

Convincing evidence that we have more lives, those who have lived in the past spontaneous memory or hypnotic regressions. The details are documented in many countries and the credibility of many of these examples can not be disputed or to offer an alternative explanation.

Hazel Denning, PhD, 1980, IARRT, Regression Research and Therapies Rt. (Formerly Association of Past Legends Regression Therapies) is the first professional organization for regression practitioners. IARRT provides education and research in the regression of past life and metaphysical healing.

The scientific community does not deny the evidence of past life more often. There are many scientific examples, some of them very convincing. In a case where Dr. Morris Netherton reported to an eleven-year-old boy who was talking about an ancient Chinese dialect during hypnosis. This astonishing sticky regression was a professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California, where they found that it is about religion in ancient China. (Fisher 1986: 202)

Over the past ten years, several self-reincarnated cases of reincarnation have emerged that show that life has the same face, personality, passion, and even language spell life. The most interesting cases are children's spontaneous memories in the past, which can be factually justified. For example, James Leininger, ABC Primetime 2005, and Anne Frank / Barbro Karlen's case.

Walter Semkiw, MD, Revival of Revolutionaries: The Reincarnation and Soul Relationships Reunited and Born Again are self-reincarnated reincarnation cases that provide objective evidence for reincarnation, including Norm Shealy's Neurosurgery, Police Officer Robert Snow, Asst. Jeff Keene Firefighter and William Barnes

Robert Hornak, a captain of the Indianapolis police station who was in charge of the homicide department, was commissioned by a police officer. Captain Snow in Carroll's book Beckwith claims that he has only regressed, so he did not look like he was "venturing to the sea." Captain Snow did not believe in reincarnation and did not expect to be a sensible experience. After regression, Captain Snow was searching for Beckwith's life by studying an extensive journal that is located in Beckwith. The regression revealed that the 28 memories of the Month, as revealed by the Month, were found in 26 researches, such as the painting of a naughty woman. Although initially reluctant to accept reincarnation as a basis for regression experience, Captain Snow finally concluded that Carroll Beckwith had been in a previous life. Snow claims that the evidence he assembled has been raised in the court case and, if it was not a murder case, no legal basis was submitted.

Past lives can be derived from spontaneous memories and reinforced in past life regressions. 19659002] William Barnes, author of Thomas Andrews, the path of history, began with spontaneous past memories when he was a child. Thomas Andrews, the story of Voyage in History Tommie Andrews, Titanic designer. Barnes's motivation in writing this book is partly to clarify Tommie's name for any mistake in connection with the sinking of the Titanic and document the vivid memories of his lifetime. In a novel written by Thomas Andrews, Barnes spoke with a great Irish accent when he described the affliction of the Titanic sinking and moving his death to the big ship.

Memories of Jenny Cockell lived in Ireland. She remembered facts about her former life, for example, the name of her eight children. As a kid, Cockell depicted a church and a childhood city scenes of a previous life, with a precise description of his house, and so on. The effect of these memories disturbed the daily operation so much that she consulted with a hypnotherapist. After many previous life regression, armed multi-element list, including two oval-shaped photographs, one as a child, and another soldier returning to the city where he lived in his previous life. Not only did he find the house in the rabbit (now in a bad state) where he died young, he was left without eight children and met seven living adult children from life. His eldest child, a boy, though unwilling to meet him, finally agreed. They all compared their memories – only one item on Jenny's list of memories remained unfounded. ABC TV program 20/20 documented reunification, including a birthday party with the oldest child of his former life.

The deepest researched evidence of past live relationships is documented by the path of National Geographic DNA. Discover your own genetic path to Dr. Spencer Wells, Deep Ancestry: The Genographic Project. DNA analysis includes portraying of ancient ancestors, and an interactive map that tracks the genetic line between the world and the ages.

Diba Ayten Yilmaz, a past life regression therapist wrote by Turkey. "One of my clients is a 39-year-old woman who is a computer engineer in IBM in Turkey and mentioned at the first meeting that she had been attracted to Russia since childhood and found herself as a woman in Russia in the past The life regression therapeutic profession, DNA pattern was sent to National Geographic's genre project, the results showed that his place of origin came to Russia, and he found himself in a small village called Lappland as a young woman in the second regression work, while the soldiers killed the whole village

both women wanted to know if Lapland existed, and if so, when they were looking for the Internet and saw that there was an area called Lappland in Sweden, the second was German soldiers Yes, German soldiers killed the whole people in the small Lappland village during the late World War II

A It's a wonderful thing that after the meeting, the genre of National Geographic has been revised. The NG follows and updates the DNS trip results and saw that the DNA is linked to the Lapland.

To see your DNA results, I can send you. Can you check your DNS results on NG or do you know someone who checked it? "


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National Geographic – Genographic Project

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