Parents' Resources – Tips for Choosing Child Care

Selects where to place the child and what can be one of the most difficult choices for the parent. This section provides suggestions and tips that help make it easier to choose the right childcare solution. There are many factors to consider when we look at different childcare programs and compare different facilities and you will need many questions. First, you want to know if the program is enabled, as most states require. With the permission of the Ministry of State Human Resources and the Childcare Administration, you want to check whether you are calling them or visited your site to find out if your facility is yours. If you go online, you will be able to search all the licensed childcare programs in your database in your state. If you find out that the program is not enabled, can you find out why? Certain programs, such as church programs, are exempt from licensing requirements in certain states. Some states also allow programs to be exempted from licensing if they have little children.

After you have determined the license status, you want to examine the program, the facility, and the staff members. Here is a checklist for parents:

  • How many employees are there and is enough to properly supervise children?
  • Staff members certified CPR and First Aid? What other qualifications do the staff have?
  • If this is a child care home, are there other adults or children at home during the operating hours?
  • Is the clean area clean and safe in an emergency? Is there a clearly outbound emergency exit plan, or is the employee able to properly point out the exit strategy?
  • Is First Aid and Fire Extinguishers Accessible?
  • What are the disciplinary philosophies in the childcare facility (verbal warnings, time out)?
  • Are there stairs? Are there stairs to avoid accidents and falls?
  • Are there any precautions to maximize security, such as blinds, drawer's drawers and cabinets, where chemicals or medications are stored?
  • Are toys, toys and playing areas clean and how clean? Which chemicals or cleaning methods are used to clean toys, toys and play areas?
  • Do the games match the age of the child and the age group separates the toys so that children can not access any tiny objects that can cause a suffocation?
  • Are there guns on concessions and where are they stored?
  • If this is a childcare home, are there pets? If so, can children get in touch with pets? Are pets involved in rabies and vaccinations?
  • Do Children Have Access to Clean Toilet? Is there a hand-leak area with soap and individual paper towels to dry your hands?
  • If there is a pool, the homeowner has a wheel around the pool, a self-closing gate? What precautions are taken to ensure that the child does not have access to the pool?
  • Playground equipment must be secured and protected by shock absorbing material.
  • What foods and snacks are served? They feed? Is the childcare center involved in the child restraint program?
  • What are your activities for your child? Are you able to educate and allow spending time in the house and during the day? Are they going to any SUV, walking in a park, swimming, and taking precautionary measures for safety?
  • Can the program meet specific needs and how?

After answering these questions, it's time to adhere to the program. Find out if your child is taking a probationary day to see how this facility works. Then ask your children to see how the staff treats the child, how to treat other children, see what activities they are doing, and most importantly to see how well the child fits into the environment. Does the staff really feel happy about being with children and actively participating in activities with them? How does the child work at the end of the day? See if you can estimate your child's any feedback if he is old enough. Did the kid feel good? If you decide he is for you and your child, then proceed to the enrollment process. If not, continue to the next program and restart the process. Remember that if you choose to enroll your children, enter the program and your child's observation at regular intervals to make sure it is still the right fit and match your child's needs.

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