Of course, preserve the child's health

Time with great joy and great challenges, childhood often accompanies minor health problems affecting the child's well-being. Close medical observation is undoubtedly necessary, but parents can do a lot to prevent trouble. The most common weakness is colds and flu; how can you keep it from the family? In the autumn, in winter and spring, the body is more vulnerable to viral aggression; so in the cold period you have to define it with a reinforced system.

In addition to the rich food of vegetables and fruit, the child's immune function is a number of herbs that do wonders. For example, instead of treating the vitamin C tablet with your baby, you can replace them with the wild rose extracts added in tea. Or you can prepare tea from the fruit of roses; high organic vitamin C, thus preventing infections and contributing to calcium assimilation. In the same big herbal series that increases the child's immunity, we can not leave Echinacea because it works better than any antibiotic, like a vaccine-like action.

To support the child's growth and bone formation, many parents give young calcium in different shapes. Most people do not know that chemically processed calcium is harder assimilated by the system and consumes essential cell enzymes during the process. It is therefore highly recommended to supplement mineral minerals such as Austrian calcium, which is an organic extract from sea creatures. Keep in mind that all calcium requires vitamin C and vitamin D to assimilate. Fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, not to mention that exposure to sunlight accelerates the process.

In the case of anemia for children, seaweed and blueberry are an indispensable source of organic substances that balance the weakened body. Blueberries are known to contain one of the highest iron content in the natural world, not to mention that they are delicious and easy to eat young children. For more information on other herbs and homeopathic remedies, please subscribe to the silver newsletter's e-news magazine HERE .

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