Object Lesson – Can You Keep Your Promise?

This is an objective lesson, using 2 bots to share with the children, that God always keeps his promises and do the right things and do not have to lose hope. Bible verses serve to strengthen teaching: Romans 12:12 and Moses 6:18.


Show the two sticks and tell the kids to make a promise. It is the promise that these two rulers will be ca. 2 feet away, then skip both. (Place the rulers as described and jump over it.) Move them a little further and promise again to skip both with a jump. (Make sure you can keep this promise.)

Scattering the rogues, so it's obvious that you can not jump with any jump. This time, do not promise to skip them in a jump, but ask the kids what they think if they make that promise. Can they trust you to fulfill this promise? (Show that you can not jump in any experiment.)

Application: When I did the promise and the rulers were close to each other, I did not bother to keep the promise. When the rulers were too far apart, it would be foolish for me to promise a jump. Even if I do, I can not trust to keep this promise. It just meant to promise things he knows he can do. Even sometimes we do not keep promises. If God promises, you can count on it. He will never break a promise because he will always be able to say what he is doing.

One of the promises is that God is not against you; he is on your side! Sometimes it allows you to show you how to trust in difficult situations. It may not always prevent problems, but you can give them power. God in Romans 12:12 says that when problems arise, then and I are happy in hope; be patient with affliction; and continue the prayer.

If you know Jesus as a Savior, do the right things; do not lose hope. God can give you the power to do the right things, as Deuteronomy 6:18 says. (Read the verse.) When things seem hopeless, trust in God and do the right things. Follow these four steps.

Think first: God is on my side!

Secondly, "I'm glad and be patient through the hopeless situation."

Then pray: ask God to help you trust in you.

Finally obey: patiently wait for God to work out things.

God always keeps his promises, so trust him to help you.

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