Nursing history

The history of nursing is long and interesting. Nursing was an important part of every culture, though it was called something else. The word "nurse" has been in English since the 14th century, despite the fact that the meaning and practice have changed.

Modern medical care often provides medical assistance to religious institutions or the army. This history is still part of the nursing in countries where some sisters can be called "sisters". Nuns and others took care of the sick during the epidemics and the war. The nurse term was used for women who cared for children, although they generally had a wider meaning.

During the Crimean War modern care is very advanced. Florence Nightingale worked to improve the status of injured and bad soldiers. He has prepared a book on how to improve conditions and how to handle soldiers for various injuries and illnesses. Other kindergartens have also played a role in promoting nursing technologies during this period.

Nightingale would later launch a training school for nurses in England. He wrote the Nightingale Disease to the nurses to make sure they are going to be sick and sore. The Nightingale lamp, which is often used in rituals, comes from the lamp that Nightingale wears in the worm during the war during the night.

In the United States, Clara Barton was an important actor during the American Civil War, organized nursing services for injured soldiers. He also established the Red Cross organization to help people during the war and peace. The organization would later facilitate the provision of crèches for military hospitals during World War I.

The modernization of nursing was also linked to the rise of the female movement in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Many leaders of the movement have nurtured or have had serious concerns about improving the health and well-being of women and children.

New Zealand became the first country to regulate nurses in 1901. North Carolina adopted a nursing law, which became the first State of the United States. Since then, other countries have passed nursing rules and the industry has exploded.

Today's nurses are hospitals, health centers and doctors' offices, nurses have played a vital role in promoting medical technology and patient care, and the history of nursing has come from military aspirations to state-of-the-art facilities.

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