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To send a nursing package to your overseas loved ones seems so simple, right? Just drop the cookies, attach a sweet card and you're ready, right?

If it's just that easy.

Letters to overseas vessels / mails for many reasons (slow processing, mail restrictions, etc.). But one of the most troublesome is that if you do not install it yourself, it's hard to know exactly what the soldier or the sailor wants.

After two installations (and a sorting husband), here I can get acquainted with the military supply packages.

Try not to be embarrassed:

You might think that a ballet skirt dressed in a toy-sized portrait is a viable face-piece, but you have a chance that your husband will not laugh if he has to wear the heaviest pooch back in his room before his friends. You never know where your spouse will open the package or who will be with you. If you think you are humiliated, anyone knows that she has sent pink boxing trousers to you or do not send it to them or give it a head for the contents of the box. Likewise, if you send content that can embarrass you (uhmmm …. pictures), make sure you did not be surprised by the beloved, or knew that he knew the photos were a thin one, opening the box.

Do not get in the box / envelope with fragrance:

Women think it's wonderful to spray perfumes on a man's gift or leaf. And frankly, our people probably love to get stinky treasures. But if your husband needs to carry the letter through his room through three corridors and four ladders, he does not necessarily care to pull the cloud of female perfume behind him. Remember, the military is notorious for its members to "call for signs" or "nicknames" in the weakest, most embarrassing moment. If you do not want your husband to be called "Christian Dior" for the rest of your career, go easy to smells.

Reduce Chocolate:

If you send something through a FPO address, you will never know where you are waiting for transit before you reach your destination. Your carefully crafted chocolate boxes in the Persian Gulf can wait for a boat before you get to your spouse – if you do not want this package to be a big, melted, mocking mess, do not send chocolate (or anything else that can melt).

Keep it Small:

Keep in mind that a loved one does not have a lot of personal space at the overseas hotel. There's no chance that a giant smiley face can be stored by the children, and that's a secret, not a pleasure. Most of the Soldier and Sailor lists are the simplest things (small drawings and pictures, travel games sets) and consumable things (foods, toiletries) are high.

Keep it Personal:

Remember that your loved ones have not been home for a long time – which may seem somewhat dull or boring (the Nintendo children's bands) will be like a small home for your spouse. Send your job to remind your soldier / sailor about his loved ones (his children, his family, his favorite food, and his favorite TV shows to re-record).


Sold soldiers and sailors are almost non-constant and have little new scenery or pace. They do not have the opportunity to get Barnes and Noble for a while to "get out" and see something new. So get the fun and the new ones. My husband always loves DVDs, CDs, books, and sports magazines. He also pointed out that it was difficult to get a "real" American newspaper when it was set up, so he always appreciated the local paper (especially the Sports department). Remember these soldiers and sailors who enjoy a lot of comfort and home comforts. Therefore, the letter invitation welcomed the opportunity to get something new and different to see things that they can not get on board.

Make sure

Mail Call can be the culmination of the day for any man or woman who has been deployed. Something as small as a two-year-old disc grease that can please your loved ones! Make a point to send something … even if it's just a letter … as often as you can!

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