Nanny Share 101 and what to expect

A nanny when two families deal with a single nanny service to care for the children of both families. Sharing Nanny saves money creatively and still has a home child care professional. Since childcare is often the second largest monthly cost since mortgage is the first, families find that dada is a great solution. It is a common misconception that a full-time nurse is outside the family budget, but shares it, reducing it on average by $ 300 to $ 450 per family. Although it sounds good, it's easier to say than done! Nanny Shares have many advantages and disadvantages, and only know that this is the right choice for your family.

Step One: Finding the right family you can work with! Just like discussing women's issues, you need to ask interviews with families first. Here are some things to consider:

1. Children's Age – It's probably better if children are close to age so they can play together and become friends, but think that more children are the same or the same age or just the opposite. Values ​​- How much is the other family spent in a dad? What are the benefits? They would be surprised that families are different on the subject.

3rd Parental philosophy – How do you want children to discipline? What does your child like to eat and what does a child like to eat? Does one child have eating allergies? What are the rules on television? Families need to agree on these things – different rules for joint care of children are not possible

4. Schedule – How often do you need a family for a nanny? If your schedule is not coordinated, how does it affect you? How often do every family go on holiday? How does dada compensate if only one family uses it? The timing is all.

5th Activities – Do both families allow their dad to go to their zoo or park? Surprising how many families do not want the dad to take the kid. You should consider how this will affect your day.

Step Two: If you find the potential family you want to share a dad with, you still need to consider:

1. Nanny Search – Both families need to get together and have to enter the job description, job contract, and the properties they are looking for in a nanny. They have to agree on how they will perform the search for the dada and determine the responsibility for each step. If an agency is used: the amount of the fee, who pays, and any fee reduction agreement must be in writing. If an agency is not used, make sure you agree with the screening, background checking, and referral verification process. During the interview process, the dad has the opportunity to meet all parties before taking the position

. Where will the care be? – some families are spinning; others use only one home. If you are going to take care of every family's home, you must take care of the wear that takes place in the home care center.

* Is the home both satisfying and clean?

* Is your home child resistant?

* Do you have pets at home? What attention should be paid to the protection of all children?

* Who will be responsible for delivering toys and replacing injured?

* What about the meal that children and carers evangelize during the day, who gives the food and pays them? Payment – If a nanny works for 2 families, his pay is usually higher due to the more complex situation, but if he is split between two families, he still has a great deal of cost savings. Consider what happens if there are days when a family's children are not being looked after – is the same paycheck or the hourly rate lower? The same payment is recommended, but this should be done in advance. Families and nanny should align payroll retention and consult a payroll accounting firm (GTM) or accountant to find out how to handle it properly. Benefits – What are the benefits of dada? How do you intend to coordinate your vacations? If the host family is on holiday then the dada should go to the other family's home? Full-time women are expected to receive weekly wages every week, even if a family does not need care on a given day or week. Typical benefits include paid federal holidays and paid leave of 1-2 weeks

. Diseases – It is important to examine what happens when children are sick. It is possible that a sick child lives in a home where care has been provided on that day. Will care be taken from the other home a day?

6th Communication – Open communication lines are very important. Both families and nurses should be comfortable on any issue that may arise. Make a point to check it once a month and regularly check your dad.

7th Contracts – Both families have to contract not only with dad but with each other. It covers all the details like pay, benefits, etc. But what happens if a family wants to quit the stock. Always talk about an evasion strategy, including what your family's rights and obligations are when the relationship ends.


* More personal attention than a daycare and less money

* Further tasks can be done than easy cleaning and laundry


* It is very difficult for two families to find the dad they agree with

* There is a risk of staying with a nurse who has leased for a certain salary

Sharing your nanny can be the best of either world or more trouble than it is worth. Evaluate your personal goals and what you want to get out of your child care center. Can the provider meet the goals while taking care of other children? After weighing the benefits and disadvantages, you can find out that this is the right way for you.

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