Movies and TV series affect emotional well-being

World-represented media:

Global warming

Iraq war

Child soldiers in Africa

Massive employment in the West

Increasing prices for food, rent and gas [19659002] Heart attacks, and Crustacean

Defamation and Detoxification

Housing Deficiency

Increasing Crime Rate

Increasing divorce rates

Blue Collar Crime

You now know why I did not look at the news. Does the above information affect my life? Yeah, if I listen to her. No, if I want FOCUS in my life.

Okay, tell me I'm ignorant. I just need to know what it will be to inform and meet as an educated person whose body is in business. Well, I do not belong to the tribe and they owe it to each other. Yes, I do not even look at TV. Okay, so it's a lie. I'm watching TV, but I'm very careful. It's not the brainless sitcom, the violent movies and the news. I'm constantly focusing on what I always want, and I find that if I look at the garbage, I get trash! Scientists still do not sufficiently analyze the power of consciousness. But now it is a fact that our thoughts are transmitting waves like the broadcast. So it makes sense that what we are looking at is affecting us.

So you're going to fill your mind when you get more news that will not be where it is?
Deforestation (my blue) is a terrible crime on the planet, but the more I focus on enrichment, so that I can bring my money where I have a mouth and help the proper organizations. I am able to give money to what the system needs to educate the public. But just watching the news I'll see, discovering more land, see the stories of poor people and animals that have no place to go. These impressions make you sad and depressing and will not help the forest, people, or animals. The only thing I did is give the TV station a different viewer. Another viewer means that the TV station has another stastitic for media buyers who place advertisements. Now do you get the drift to see how this works?

I'm telling you something else that one of my businesses is making movies. How? For even more reasons to watch the TV and the movies I've been told to see how my race is! I do not care about the competition. The only thing I'm competing with myself. I select the producers I work with, select the movies and commercials I want to participate in. And I just do it amazingly, but if I look at the negative things, I think I have to be happy to do all the work because the media and every body that is paying attention to the media tells me the work itself is hard to get.

So what did you look at?

Are you sitting on television with your family, looking at nonsense violent movies and stupid sitcoms that confirm that it's OK to get stuck in a maze? You and yours are talking about what you look at? Did your child leave your own job? At least talk about what you look at. It feeds media hype and feeds to reach the public as quickly as possible. Movies and commercials are the ideas of other people – often only in a profitable way. Violent films are the top boxes of revenue collectors. The more people enjoying this kind of fun, the more movies that are made. And yes, violent movies are a source of fear and anxiety. Let's face it by taking part in watching movies. It's about fun – let go and catch it.

In England a few years ago, 2 10 and 11-year-old boys entered a store, kidnapped a 3-year-old boy and tortured him to death. In the court case that was followed, it turned out that "Chucky" was being watched. Chucky is one of the real stupid and violent movies about a killer heart of a baby that is alive. Now it shows the strength of the films in the minds of young people.

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