"Miracle of the Eighth World" – Terra-Cotta Soldiers

China has many ancient sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and the Three Gorges. If you would only visit one place in China, I would tell you to go to Xi's city and tempt the eighth miracle of the world, which is buried about a mile from the Chinese Emperor's first emperor.

The risk of being a travel critic as the most memorable sites I've been to visit was Michelangelo's fresco in the Sixtus Chapel, the iconic Eiffel Tower, before the Leaning Tower in Pisa, the visitors entered, Anne Frank's attic, Hiroshima Skeletons, Japan, the dignity of the Buckingham Palace and the mere architectural beauty of the Sydney Opera House. With the exception of the Atomic Dome, perhaps I did not, but perhaps with the exception of the Atomic Dome, I came to the digging site of the Terracotta soldiers or, as the Chinese say, Bing (soldier), Ma (horse), Yong (tree or earthy figure with the dead). [19659002] He reminded me of an old film I saw as a child on the deeply sunken graves of the pharaohs that had been robbed by serious robbers. The whole pit was a hangar-like structure that protected the objects of the elements. The photos were forbidden, and if you were not a head of state, a secular dignity, or very famous, you can not walk between life-size replicas of warriors and horses. I still felt the damp ground and felt the coolness of the environment. The soldiers and horses were standing next to each other, dressed in straight apparel, which was obviously where they were found. Some of them were headless, hands-on, and most did not live with bright colors that were once due to environmental degradation, exposure, and post-intervention military attacks. Amazingly, the tomb was unknown for 2000 years, while a farmer literally drilled, while searching for water in 1974. Since then, two further holes have been found where sacrificial animals have been found. The main grave continues to be blocked by mercury poisoning and potential prison traps. It is worth noting that this era of the Qin dynasty (the third century BCE) is still the name of "China".

If you do not know how to get Xi & # 39; an, Terra-Cotta soldiers are the Chinese Bistro of the local PF Chang.

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