Military Women: A Short History Lesson

It is not just a month of brain injury reporting in March but also a women's history. Women have taken tremendous steps towards equality, and one such outcome is military involvement. During the war, not only women played a vital role on the domestic front, but also played an active role abroad. While he sees the role of women in the army a fairly new concept, women around the world have actually been involved in thousands of years of military efforts. Women in war do not return so much in the United States, but their involvement goes back longer than we think.

Technically, women must endorse military service from the American Revolution. Molly "Pitcher" (named after bringing the water jugs to the soldiers on the battlefield) became the second known woman to pick up the weapons after her husband was injured in the battle. General Washington sent a command to a non-assignee officer. The first woman we trust with the service, Margaret Corbin. After Corbin's husband was killed, he was wounded as he shot the British canon. Margaret Corbin became the first woman to receive a military pension for disability. The women began to follow the continental army. "Many of them were soldiers' wives, wives and children who could not support themselves after their sons / husbands / fathers went to war, General Washington decided that these women should be soldiers of the continental army as cooks, cooks and watercourses this is the earliest known example for women in support of the military. "

During the civil war, women continued to play a vital role in the military. Women, like Frances Clayton, dressed as men to fight. Clayton has served for several months in various artillery and equestrian units across Missouri. However, Clara Barton is the most prominent woman in the civil war. Barton admits that he has launched the American Red Cross by launching an aid program for injured soldiers in the Washington area. It should be noted that the participation of women in the civil war has begun to change the role of society in society. "Due to the success of these women acting as kindergartens and rescuers on the battlefield, they created paid positions for them after the war

In World War I, women were able to retreat to the Navy, the Marines and even a small percentage of the Army and the Navy sent female nurses abroad, the war for the first time announced the "new era" of women's movement from home and the public sphere. "While on the way to the military, they were slow and uncertain and were not equal with men or the benefits, yet they decided to migrate to war [19659002] "More than any other event in this century, the Second World War transformed the United States from an isolated country, a small military establishment designed primarily for self-defense for a leading military force in the world á The armed forces embraced almost 400 thousand women who went to "work for a period of more than six months" in literary work and "high attention to details and small motor skills" jobs to free warriors.

war, the women served the Army and Navy nurse body, the women's corps and the women's reserves (Navy, Coast Guard and Marines). While unofficial, they also served as a female air force service pilots (WASPs) and provided great support for war efforts.The work done by women during the Second World War created a new turning point for visiting the military by women, commanders who both claimed not to accept women

In 1965, the United States I went to Vietnam, there were more than 150,000 soldiers and men, only for a small nursing group. combat zones in Southeast Asia are "inappropriate" for women. Until 1967, President Johnson signed the 90-130 Public Law Act, which "opened the military rank for women". This has increased the number of women allowed for military service. This law allowed women to engage in roles such as the General and the Admiral. Another breakthrough in women was in 1972 by modifying the draft Constitution and equal rights.

Today about 20 percent of the women are the military. While their role is still determined, it can be said that today there is more service than at other times through our history. According to the NPR story, there are currently hundreds of thousands of women working and many of them are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military women continue to change and continue to take tremendous steps in defense and fighting.

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