Military suicides, US and Indian statistics

Sometimes you can read that the Indian Army soldiers are Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthani, the North East, etc. They have been read in frontier divisions. It has always been that the media is causing great darkness and crying to the will of the Indian army. The media play a role in the role of a judge, and it means that the officers and soldiers of the Indian Army are under pressure to serve at the border. But reality is far from these demoralizing news.

In September 2007, The Tribune, a newspaper based on Chandigarh, issued an article that contained statistics, provided the suicide rate among the Indian soldiers was the lowest in the world. They were quite expecting that news coverage was completely ignored by the so-called national media who continue to bomb the people with demoralizing reports. According to the Tribune article, 131 suicides were reported in 2006 throughout the country, 77 in 2005, 100 in 2004 and 93 in 2003.

In contrast to the armies of the developed world of the first world, where soldiers serve in more convenient conditions, the number of suicides in the Indian army (10 million forints) is small. Taking into account the fact that in these countries the operating pressure is much lower than in India where the military is always stressed because it participates in one or another type of civil or cross-border operation. According to official statistics, the United States Army records 17 suicide bills per million people, France to 19 million, and Britain to 14 million.

The most recent news release in Washington Post shows that 2007 was a year when the suicide rate of the US military fell to 15 years. Most suicides are given to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have put heavy strain on the US military. Americans who are accustomed to the convenience of their country are rarely able to work in hostile conditions, and when soldiers are deployed for long periods under such hostile conditions, they can not handle the pressure. Historically, suicide rates show a downward trend when soldiers are overseas in conflict, but this trend has been reversed in recent years. According to the casualties of the army, the army reported 100,000 active soldiers in 2001 – the lowest rate – the army reached only 17.5 suicides per 100,000 active soldiers in 2006. It compares this 10 suicide with 1,000,000 Indian armies, where soldiers are in terrible circumstances.

Our soldiers serve in hostile conditions. Consider this, in the Ladakh sector soldiers are not heated in tinned sheds and fall into sleeping bags when the temperature is below -40 degrees. Soldiers are wearing heavy self-loading rifles and are less prepared for warm clothes. Officers have the luxury of kerosene heaters in their room, but they can not be burned all night or all day because they are extremely dangerous and polluting. The army leadership team is even worse. These hard-working spirits need to sleep on their vehicles and have to wake up every 2-3 hours to start the engine and run it for a while and then go to bed. Otherwise, the diesel in the engine will freeze and the vehicle will start the next day. But then with a smile on their faces and prayers in their hearts, they continue to guard our mother's land against enemies who are in the whole country.

I am convinced that suicide in general and especially between soldiers must be warned at all costs. As this is about soldiers' suicide, I would like to put pressure on better service options. Better housing at the borders, better clothes, and most importantly, better pay and less pressure on the job. It will take a long way to improve the morale of soldiers and will be much more enthusiastic and the suicide rates will be reduced from the current 10 million to 1 or even zero.

Jai Jawan! Welcome to the soldier who will give you tomorrow!

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