Memorial Day: 3 ways to honor American soldiers

Last Monday Monday, May 1868, it was called a memorial. Now, on the weekend, beer and picnic
is the sales revenue. Passengers massively drive our nation's highways. And do not forget the Indy 500.

And while it is important to celebrate fun and celebration of the Day of Judgment
in its own way, it is important to note that this day exists. It is worth noting that they respect the American troops and pay tribute to the terrible sacrifices that these brave men and women have done and still do for our freedom.

If you think about how you can respect these victims, there are 3 cheap ways to do this: [1] Give your frequent nozzle miles to help our wounded soldiers and their families. You can do this with an organization called "First First Response". The OFR protects wounded troops from Walter Reed and the Bethesda Naval Hospital from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany against Iraqi hospitals.

We also accept donations, such as clothes, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, razors, etc.

You can help this great organization to simply get to your site and see what it can do.

2) Keep in mind the national memory of memory. The moment at the Memorial Day, at 3 pm local time, takes only 1 minute. Participation is easy and completely voluntary.

The White House commemoration committee urges the Americans to act in their own way. The bell ringing. Say a prayer. Hold the flag.

You can also call your favorite radio or TV station in time and ask for "Traps" at that time.

According to the Commission's website:
In May 1996, the idea of ​​the moment when children were contacted in Washington DC asked what the Memorial Day meant. They said, "This is the day when the pools are open!" & # 39;

Since then, the Commission is committed to making the Americans aware of the moment's observation.

To learn more about it, go to the next page:

3) Visit a military cemetery. Believe in honor of the small American flag or tradition that strives to lay flowers.

In 1952, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts started banners in the 150,000 graves at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and continue their traditions.

If you are an artistic and craftsman, you can create a cheap silk flower arrangement or 2 red, white, and blue, and be brave for a man or woman.

In 1924, VFW started the famous Buddy Moppy program with the sale of artificial poppies for disadvantaged veterans. The tradition of returning the red poppy to our veteran back to the early 1900s was inspired by Moina Michael
who rediscovered red poppies who died at the service of our nation.

For more information about the Buddy program:

Here's an interesting article about "Memorial Day Flowers "by Tenley McDonald:
Have fun, safe and remember our US soldiers.

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