Medical Research Excellence – Health-and-Child

A European Project

For about two years of work, the Genoa Giannina Gaslini Children's Hospital, the London Ormond Street Children's Hospital and the Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris. Since January 2006, Health-and-Child has been funded by several partners, totaling 17 million total budgets, most of them from the European Union.

Many diseases affecting childhood are particularly complex in diagnosis and treatment: a difficult situation is worse than the rarity of certain diseases. Finding the right cure can be a real challenge for young patients.

The purpose of the child is to facilitate the overcoming of obstacles, which helps to optimize the existing procedures, is often unsatisfactory.

Sharing excellence

Health-and-child is an integrated research project funded under the Sixth Framework Program of the European Union so that the integration of medical statistics and biomedical knowledge in support of clinical diagnosis and pediatric investigation : from anamnesis to diagnostic imaging, from genetics to epidemiology; simplifying clinical practice by modeling illnesses and activating knowledge through automated systems.


Based on the concept of knowledge sharing to enhance intellectual capital, the system allows the collection of all clinical data from young patients, thanks to the innovative model of distributed computing, readable and interpretable. European pediatric hospitals and gradually expand the network and the whole system everywhere, increase the number of diseases treated and the areas of action (outside the original areas: cardiology, oncology and rheumatology) and evaluate this platform in excellent clinical centers gained knowledge.

This reduces the risk of diagnostic errors and improves information gathering and surgical skills skills.

According to the fact, one of the project's responsibility:

"If Ferrari needs to try the shock absorber for the Canadian Grand Prix, it obviously will not bring the car and the shock to the North American country race track but try to refute in the laboratories any Cild is the same, instead of examining what can happen to the various parameters of the heart, such as contractual ability or the activity of a valve, the professional works are essentially on his computer and perfectly re-create the event to be verified. "

By virtue of reference to the documentation recorded in the database, we can first determine what will be the most important organ body.

Not just. With the help of the simulation, concrete details such as the contract of the left ventricle, whose blood is pumped into the aorta, actually sees what is happening to the patient, consequently.

Quality, Efficiency and Universality

Determines the impact of such an important technology on diagnostic quality and efficiency. We can only hope for the rapid and widespread dissemination of the international model, enabling the development of the largest universal platform for biomedical knowledge and developing new methods that can positively influence medical procedures, thus saving many lives.

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