Leave your child in day care or stay home – What are you doing?


My husband and I are waiting for our first toddler for two months. We both work full time and plan to return to work after six weeks. Last week my mother-in-law told me to think about this plan. He said that if I'm not home with my baby, they will not have emotional bonds, and the baby and I will never be tied together. My husband thinks her mother is right and the baby can get even closer to the day teacher or babysitter. What do you think I should do? I need my salary to pay the rent (we have to go if I do not work). If I keep my job, what kind of childcare would be the best?


I'm not an expert on the subject and I do not pretend to be one, but I think this is a good answer and an argument to this question.

I understand your concern about the matter because you are interested in the child's emotional development. Of course, if you think your child's work during the day, it has advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, you are not the only one dealing with this dilemma and many research on this subject. Professionals who leave the child for daytime care every day from the morning will only make a bigger contribution if their children stay home when well-chosen day care services are carefully selected. This may lead to more financial choices, since childcare can choose to cost a significant number of skilled workers depending on your budget. Finally, if you pay more for childcare than you do at your workplace, your priorities may go backwards.

According to the NICHD Early Childhood Research Network (2002): "It seems that" dynamic "variables of quality variables have a direct impact on children, for example, a carer's understanding and sensitivity, structural variables such as child and staff rates , as well as the proportion of education and training with direct impact on child development for child development and vulnerable providers in a small proportion of teachers and children. "There is strong evidence that high-quality day care benefits have very different, positive effects on their children than the average .

On the other hand, your best interests will obviously stay at home for the child to have more binding time and help the child develop as he pleases, and not the child who has learned the habits of other parents. Home at home, emotionally shape your children, and set values ​​that matter to you. You probably feel stronger about your child's development than someone who raises your child for you. For your personal situation, I think the best solution to research is to make any decision before making any decision. If you have more knowledge under your belt, you can make more informed choices, knowing both the consequences and benefits of both. Given that your financial situation will play a major role in your final decision, if you decide to send your child to daytime care, I suggest you visit a number of kindergartens and make sure you have chosen the best for your child.

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