Leadership is key to effectively managing the child care center

In April 2003 I entered the first child care center. I was so excited that I was out of business from my home and it was like gaining experience to invest in another level.

However, after several weeks of running the shop, I started to feel the pressure to be a leader in a commercial deal.

In fact, everyone was looking at me, I needed the staff for support, roads for management, administration, decision making, problems to fix, meetings, and much more.

At the end of each day, I lost the center of the center for the first time and I wondered if I had made the right decision to expand my business to a center.

A conversation with an earlier pastor gave me the answer to be able to handle my business effectively and the answer was to read the leadership book.

After hearing that my soul read John Maxwell's Guidebook, I immediately went to the local bookstore to include John Maxwell books on the Leadership. This conversation took my business with my former pastor to the next level because what I discovered during the study of leadership could not have happened if I had not taken a management book.

In summary, the operation of the child care center can be very demanding in the mind and body. However, you do not have to be so demanding as you spend time driving your leader.

When I write this article today I studied and practiced driving practices that were discovered in John Maxwell books. Today, I share with you seven leading keys to empower you to effectively manage the business child care center.

first John Maxwell says "The influence of leadership and nothing else." 2. Priorities: The Key to Leadership. " If your priorities are in order, you will ensure that you have effective days, so it is important to understand the 80/20 rule, in fact, only 20% of your time gives you 80% of your score, or 2 -3 gets the most out of your business hours, so plan your day wisely and do the most important task first: : The most important thing about integrity is simply that my words are complete and united and my actions are the same and even if your actions do not match our words, they lose credibility with parents and employees. So, be consistent and consistent with everything you do.

4. Creating a Positive Change: The Ultimate Driving Body It has to be changed as the leader. The childcare industry will change forever and keep the mindset in the bachelor's shop against industry standards You must also be able to create a positive change in your business and understand that all your employees will not adapt properly to change.

5th Problem Solving A Leadership Test is the ability to recognize the problem before it becomes an emergency! It is crucial that you master the problem solving and problem-solving skills. You also need to understand that the problems that are solved day by day determine your management level. For example, if a child weeps, should we solve this problem? Hopefully, the teacher solves this problem and not you because they have bigger problems, such as paying a parent in time or enrolling in construction.

6th Vision "What you see is what you get." Great idea to write your business vision and send it where you can see it. Focusing on your vision of the future will keep you on track, purposeful, and your vision of vision will encourage you to continue. For example, if you have a vision to buy a van, pick up new equipment and great teachers, get some pictures of what you want and get started on the lookout panel. "What You See

7. Personnel Development Leaders will be the closest to the leader, a lesson I learned. they do not need them, they just have to have the right tools and resources to do the job, rent the right people, soak up time and energy, bad people rumor, do not perform well and this will affect the business

I hope you are now encouraged to develop a leader in you, being a more effective and happy childcare owner, has been in the past few years, but now I enjoy the childcare center very much.

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