Kindness still exists

We are so used to selfish and cruel acts, often neglecting the actions of kindness, why do you think so? My own theory is related to this. Numerous selfish and cruel acts seem to have such high-profile people as legislators or stars have committed themselves to bring the news. In a blue moon, a great person is doing something very kind, but the proportion of kindness and selfishness is very small. One of the things I think cruel is that you can not understand, but I can not help but feel that when I hear that our legislators are demanding social security and Medicare because they spend too much money. Meanwhile, billions and billions of trash are thrown away by weapons that do not work or are worse, and the intense corruption at the congress. It's very easy to get and forget good people out there as CEO, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, who used 90% of his salary and used it to increase every member of the company. But this is not a big company, but 30 employees double their salary, and the other 40 receive a substantial salary increase. The CEO has made $ 1,000,000 and has reduced him to $ 100,000. Price thinks you can return to your previous earnings in three years. The company's minimum wage is $ 70,000.

Everyone heard about Jonas Salk. He invented the Polio vaccine and the father of so-called bio-philosophy. What many people do not know is the fact that they are estimated to raise about $ 7 billion to make the polio vaccine available to the world. Dr. Salk decided not to patent the vaccine. Can you imagine a pharmaceutical company who is doing this today and decides that we need a particular drug so badly that anyone can produce it for the benefit of the world? Polio is considered the most fearful disease of the time. The kids were the most intolerable. Dr. Salk was a great man. There were many famous people who had the tee, including Perlman, Donald Sutherland, President Roosevelt, Arthur C. Clark and others.

You never know who can do kindness. Witnesses of what the Nazi officer was in the II. World War. Albert Battel was a member of the Nazi Party and the Oberleutnant in the German Army. There was a Jewish ghetto in Przemysl, Poland, and Batt was informed that an SS unit came and lost the detainees to a concentration camp. Battel ordered the only bridge to block the ghetto, and ordered his men to open fire at the SS if they tried to cross the bridge. He and his men should have known that SS did not respond well, especially Himmler, who was the leader of the SS. When the war was near to its end, Himmler ordered the arrest of Battel, but he died before he did it. When the war ended with Battel, a lawyer, he forbade the law of practice because he was a former member of the Nazi party. Here is the wonderful part of the story, Major Max Liedtke, supreme, agreed. Battel was able to save only 100 Jewish families before the SS entered the ghetto. The German army put them in trucks and put them in the men's barracks, and the German army guarded and defended the SS. Still puzzling to me why Battel left the army and Himmler expected the end of the war to punish him.

The dry cleaner gave a heart-warm signal and said, "If we are unemployed and need an interview with cleaned equipment, we will clean it for free." How incredibly thought of the detergents. Sometimes people want to help others but they do not know how to go. Obviously, this business realized that something should contribute. One of the subway stores also sets up a sign: "Every morning until Friday is a free meal for the homeless".

A house was robbed, and most of the stolen content was scattered on a street. A homeless man saw it and collected all the content as it fell. He found something to indicate who owns it and sent it back to its owners. Just because someone is homeless does not mean that he is not a nice person.

In Colombia, the war has been running for more than 50 years between the government and the right and left groups. A group, FARC, used a child soldier. Some of these soldiers grew up. FARC has deployed many land to Colombia, and former child soldiers are sorry for what to do, and now that they are adults, some have volunteered to find mines and rubbish. This has led some members of the FARC Rebel Group to join the country.

While factories in Great Britain at the end of the 1700s were hellish holes. The owner of the New Lanark cotton mill in Scotland, Robert Owen, decided to make things better for his workers. He provided them with a childcare service, studied for the children, helped the workers, which was clean and was only exempt from beneficial employees by his colleagues. He opened a shop, but sold the batteries a bit to his wholesaler.

What do these benevolent acts prove? In my opinion, there are a lot of good people in the world, but their actions are not recognized as often as the different. An example might be a President Bush. When he appeared for the pre-wounded veterinarians, he seemed so beautiful until we knew he had paid $ 100,000 and that the prisoners were wounded in wars when Bush was in office. Many doctors lost their limbs and the event was to collect money to help them. Not much human goodness is milk. Laura Bushot was paid for $ 50,000 to talk to the same class of the previous year.

It should be remembered that in all of these fragile acts there are many kinds of things that are not known.

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