Kids learn the behavior and copying of adults best

Learning is gaining new experience or transforming existing information. Learning can be easily transmitted if it comes from parents because it is a repetitive observation learning. Children appreciate their parents without judging them because they are role models. Children can learn more by observing others, doing whatever they do. Kids have their brains just like a simple paper. They learn good or bad about what they are looking at. First they look at their family members, how they communicate with each other, their way of life and their way of life. They make the same impression as spending much of their time with them. They copy the most typical data of man and imitate them. Psychologically, the children go to the stage of sensitive learning, quickly copying the behavior of their parents, followed by their minds. Sometimes learning is the result of an event that is recorded in memory, with observation and repetition becoming part of their habits. Second, they adopt a wide variety of habits from society. When communicating with well-trained or affluent people, they can learn good moral values ​​and if their neighbors and members of the society have bad properties, they negatively affect them.

Likewise, children have parents who teach them and prepare them for life. Parents have their first and strongest influence on their children. Kids are watching their way of doing things. Those who need chain sweaters or alcoholics need to know that children are watching their activities and give a bad impression to the kids' mind. Sometimes these activities have a profound impact on the brain and heart of young children. From these situations, they learn the first lessons because parents direct these situations.

The pair plays an important role in forming an individual. As is often said, "Man is known by the company he holds". A bad company has a negative influence on a child. This is because teens listen to more of their friends than their parents and teachers. The peer group may refuse rejection and give children the feeling of being in life. Kids can enjoy playing with their friends like anything else in life; there are times when they want to stay with their friends more than their parents. Learning from friends is magnetic and has a creative power. Get their hearts out with their friends and glitter in their eyes. They believe in it and in a way that they are spiritual guides. Friends and peer groups are kind of shelter for kids, so whatever they say, a meal and a house are housed. All of us sometimes bent backwards to be kind to a friend, whether a colleague at work, a friend at the dormitory, or even a playmate dude at school. Sometimes they are tempted to seduce each other in the pursuit of their dear friends and in their good books. There are many cases when the bad kid is poorly gathered due to the social circle.

In addition, we should try to understand their behavior as regards their behavior. Parents need to watch them where they are going. What they do, who they meet and what they feel. We must count on friendly behavior, though they often share their feelings with them and will not attempt to adapt to bad habits. Have lessons learned about the moral values ​​in school curriculum. Teachers need to teach them about good ethical and unethical morals. The activities of parents and teachers play an important role in the development of personality. They have to take care of their activities. However, they can not adapt bad habits in their lives because children are the future of the nation.

Consequently, it is true that children are best able to learn the behavior of adults and try to copy. Adults need to monitor their behavior and try to show good influence and example to their children.

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