Keep your kids running healthy work until you finish your office

Today works with both parents, it's getting harder to keep kids out of gadgets and incorporate the right values ​​in them. Parents use gadgets as babysits for their valuable business, with little recognition of long-term adverse effects. The problem is even worse for nuclear families where children do not monitor the tools they choose. However, this does not mean that you have to leave your great career simply to care for your children. You can always keep your children in healthy activities while pursuing your professional goals. Here are some easy paths.

Puzzles : Puzzles always fascinate children in different shapes. Good for the child's mind and cognitive development. It helps to coordinate your child's work with the environment and shape change. Small children would learn hand-eye coordination with picture themes. Their finer engine power (eg Handwriting) is advanced. Young children are able to develop motor skills by packing blocks and other puzzles. They have developed an important skill in problem solving and learned to make logical decisions. Puzzles help remedy memory. Finally, they teach the child to set small achievable goals. Older children are involved in word games, Sudoku, Rubik's cubes and mirror cubes. Such puzzles sharpen their brains and increase concentration. They teach the child the traits of persistence, focus and patience.

Board Games : Party Games are fun and have many benefits. They are good for all ages and even adults like them. Some popular board games include Scrabble, Checkers, Chess, Monopoly and Clue. These games offer a lot of fun and feel good. Part of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus, contribute to the development of memory and the development of complex thoughts. The risk of mental illness decreases. They help to speed up your child's responses. They give rise to positive thoughts and feelings that in turn contribute to the development of immunity. The child learns to develop reasoning and logic skills. The games help the child develop communication and oral skills. Siblings are also used by doctors for therapies for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Craft Work : Children of all ages who love to deal with craftsmen. It is possible to draw a simple sketch or drawing with watercolors to make attractive patterns on the table cloth. Art and craft have many advantages: bonding, self-esteem, self-regulation, fine motor coordination and bilateral co-ordination. Therefore, encourage the child to make cards and other presents for his family and friends, and present his craftwork on the honor wall to increase their self-esteem.

Stories : Stories of All Ages Stories . Small children like to look at color images while older people love the selected paper stack. You can also ask your children to write their own stories or to create a story with their own style. Stories serve a number of purposes. They stimulate the child's fantasy. They present the child with new words and new ideas. Improve reading and listening skills. Children are connected with their cultural roots and introduced to new cultures. Good stories provide great social and value-based knowledge. Children learn to understand the different types of emotions.

Science-Based Activities : There are many science-based activities that can be used to test children from different age groups. Younger children can work with clay models to produce volcanoes, flowers, human anatomy, plants, rocks, etc. To forge. You can also use color mixing to create new colors from two or more different combinations. Older children are making prisms, pin-hole cameras, kaleidoscopes, or even home-based radios or computer systems. The possibilities are infinite, which will involve not only your children, but also increase your intelligent quotient.

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