Is the childcare provider passionate about children?

Is your childcare provider passionate about children? It's hard to say sometimes because they are likely to show you the best show you can watch. However, there are some key questions that can only indicate whether they appreciate children or whether they appreciate the money. These include the reasons for their occupation with the childcare provider, their views on early childhood education and staff turnover.

first question: why did you become a childcareer?

Probably the most discerning childcare worker is most likely to be discovered. Find answers that encourage children's love and early childhood education. However, if the service provider mentions the lessons or doing a job that allows them to be their own boss, the warning bells must ring. It is not that this can not be a factor, but it can never be the primary cause.

2nd Question: What is the best part of your day?

The essence of the question is what makes the childcare happy. Are you eager to talk about the day? Answers that focus on interaction with the game or the lessons you plan to report high quality service providers. However, if the answer is a bit "sunny" then it may signal the provider who is tired of the children and wants to relax. Energy shortages generally indicate a lack of passion for children.

3rd Question: What is the worst part of the day?

How does the childcare provider look at the negative aspects of his work. Do you accept or hate when a child is born or when a child is ill or injured? Receiving is a real compassion for the children and their feelings. On the other hand, if children express irritating or ill-feeling irritation, they may indicate lack of patience.

4th question: How to make a typical lesson?

An empty look here does not mean it is of good quality. Instead, look for childcare that highlights the needs of early childhood education and know how to meet these needs. Are they talking about knowing all the children and seemingly concerned about the development of each child? This marks the service provider who is willing to put energy into the design of an early childhood education curriculum. This can only be controlled by a real passion.

5th Question: What is the staff turnover?

High staffing is not a good sign. First of all, you can indicate the staff that is just for the money. Childcare can be stressful and only those who can really be passionate for a long time. In addition, if your child care center has low pay, you may have trouble keeping the staff. This clearly indicates what is really valuable.

This is just a few questions to remove childcare providers who are passionate about children, those who are passionate about money. Those who stick to children are of high quality and their enthusiasm and knowledge shine. Those who are passionate about money, even their true colors – green; you just have to be careful about the answers. He says that there is some desire for money because they are in business, but they need to know what their priorities are.

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