Involving Priests in Child Care – Top 13 Ideas from Priests

Fathers engaged in their children's lives are one of the most important topics in parental life. Society has changed and, as a child care center, we welcome the greater role of priests in family roles and daytime routine of children.

However, our desire to accommodate everything, Child Care, often avoids or neglects the fathers perspective. Generally, Dads play a greater role in the lives of their children than older generations. They enjoy part of the daily routine of the child, and sometimes it is not merely fun, but a lot of mother or part-time work. Childcare services can see more and children gather together. Does this mean, however, that the Dads want to take a larger role in our childcare services?

Work opportunities at home and more flexible employment can help overdoses to better engage in childcare services. At the same time, we must be sensitive to the priests who have been timed in time with work orders and external demands and must look for ways for fathers to play a greater role in children's lives while respecting their time and other commitments.

How can we help the priests to become more informed about their child's day without having a 15-minute blow to the child's daily knockout when they are collected? How can we help them to welcome and appreciate them without being asked to spend their family day at kindergarten?

The 13 most important ideas about fathers about their role in childcare

We asked the priests to give feedback on how they would like to receive, appreciate, and form an integral part of the children's life at the child care center. We found this:

1. Fathers are known as names . This was the most attractive strategy for Dads and reflects the usual professional behavior at every workplace.

Email Photos to Dad . Most workplaces have their own computer and this helps the Dads to have a window to their child's day and lunch breaks or a quiet moment during the day. (You must ensure that you follow the standard guidelines and procedures while respecting your privacy)

3. Deleting Tasks . Make sure the Dads are aware that they have fulfilled their role, such as arrival and departure. Bags and articles, collectors' cards, farewells, etc. Collecting for everyone may be frightening, who does not collect the child regularly. Let's do this with unprofessional fathers who take this task for the first time … they support what the Dads can in common sense while explaining the unique procedures in the center

. Informal Conversations . Childcare is a woman-dominated workplace. I checked that female staff could contact the Dads anywhere with "flirting" to be ashamed of them. Be professional in informal, friendly conversations that briefly describe the child's day and then allow the priests to ask further questions or move on with the rest of their engagement

. Describe fathers' efforts in newsletters . Learn how the Dads help the center. Additionally, we acknowledge external results such as the local firefighter who fought hard in the recent community buffets or the father who ran on the common triathlon and won.

6th Posting Bulletins . Where appropriate, and where parents are separated or the priests work for a long time, send a copy of the papers (post or e-mail) to the papers.

7th Ask specific questions about fathers feedback . Surveys may include a section on feedback from both mothers and fathers, so fathers are willing to give an opinion.

8th Keep special events for dads . Here, where the centers have to be very creative for the fathers to feel comfortable in the center, but their time is appreciated. Saturday Father Barbequei may also affect family time or other commitments, such as preparing a local football team. Think of events that can easily come to fruition and have additional benefits for your dad for a coffee night that meets a local footy hero, or an ordinary breakfast barbarian and business networking time

. Put man-oriented literature in the lobby / entrance . Are there ways in which literature and resources can attract the priests?

10th Posters and wallpapers . It's interesting that this list is number 10, and yet it is often the first and / or the only thing we owe to childcare services to make the priests feel kind. It's important for Dads to see themselves in the center, but it's the improvement or addition of other strategies in the list.

eleventh Additional questions about enrollment forms for each member of the family . This allows us to get a better picture of the whole family and their role in raising the child.

12th You work with men . It is as difficult as the industry to attract male workers, which is a key factor not only for the fathers to be linked to the center, but also to give other father figures in the life of the children

. Equally Dads . We should never assume that certain information is for the mother only. This includes even delicate situations such as babies with diaper rashes or small children's feet. While sometimes we feel more comfortable to discuss this with the moms, we must also keep professionalism in communicating information.

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