Intraday care – opportunities and challenges

The beginning of intraday care has never been easier! As more and more mothers go back to work or are looking for a college education, there are long waiting lists for day-care programs. In addition, supported childcare increased daytime care. However, one of the problems when starting intraday care is that childcare providers must have early childhood education, but often receive a relatively low salary. Women have an incredible opportunity for supply and demand if they are engaged in day-care.

Daytime settings often include home daycare franchises, school programs, and traditional daycare facilities. Day care centers typically operate between 6:00 and 18:00. As they strive to accommodate a large number of children, they often accept children 6 weeks of age and 12 years of age. State regulation often requires that children be separated according to separate age groups, which usually require more staff.

However, the kindergarten school needs much less work and has far fewer staff. Nursery classes are usually between 9 and 15. Let's explain the differences between starting a kindergarten center and a kindergarten school. Hopefully, it will become clear which childcare company you want to start.

Childcare centers need to care for a large number of children at one time and usually are not able to adequately ensure a child's individual attention. On the other hand, since kindergartens limit their age group starting at the age of 3, we only go to the age of 5 or 6 and can easily give one's attention to every child. Starting a day care center means keeping it open early at 6 o'clock and not closing late in the evening, while arranging childcare throughout the year.

Those who love limited working time will certainly enjoy more than just starting a pre-school business. Nursery classes usually begin later and end like day care centers. Moreover, kindergartens are not open throughout the year, usually after the traditional school year, and leave free time for family activities.

The kindergarten school is perfect for mothers with educational degrees and do not want "babysitters" who cater for only children, meals, daytime and some playing time. Teachers want to teach, which is almost impossible to start a day-time job. As the kindergarten school only accepts them in a given age group (3-5 years), they often have fewer pupils, providing children with better educational opportunities than day-care homes. The start of intraday care seems much less attractive!

Another thing to consider is that many pre-school staff have a teacher's degree and sometimes there is a need for further training credits. State guidelines require CPR training for all kindergarten educators. Thanks to the higher standard of care, kindergartens can afford to ask for higher fees paid by most parents and offset the additional costs not included in day care.

Pre-school school is an ideal business opportunity for home moms home, enabling you to provide quality childcare and prepare each child for their educational future after they start school. It also allows for family time, which simply can not be in the traditional workplace environment.

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