Indicates your child feels bad

You know the child inside and out, so his strange behavior is worried. Perhaps this is not at all, but doubt and fear are terrified. This is a common occurrence for parents whose young children are unable to process and communicate their mood. As always, the foreword is that only a qualified physician will be able to completely intimidate fears, so this reference is only a broad guideline for what to look for.

Keep in mind that only a physician will be able to exclude or diagnose anything!

  • The baby looks unusually pale
  • The strange weeping of crying (this may seem a bit obvious: examples include whining, ear holes or coughing)
  • Pimento or discolored skin (other signs and causes of dehydration: fever, vomiting or diarrhea)
  • Fevers (contact a doctor if you experience fever over 102 F)
  • Drooling
  • Incense (forehead)
  • Rapid breathing (possible hyperventilation)
  • General characteristic irritability [19659004] The spread of the rash (even if it is feverish)
  • is that it does not respond to the sounds.)

These guidelines are quite common and in many cases one of the listed symptoms is very limited and may be considered as normal

symptoms may require urgent care. If the following symptoms occur, consult a physician:

  • Bleeding problems and large cuts
  • Bleeding problems
  • Major burns (your child has suffered from 19459007 [19595008])
  • Blue lips
  • Haematuria (blood in urine) 19659004]

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