How to open a day-care home – customers and competition

When opening a day-to-day business, be careful not to say much about your customers and their competition. Look carefully at who you are and you may be surprised how these definitions evolve.


In a sense, clients are the children who are involved in your daycare home. They are the people you contact on a daily basis and offer the majority of our services. However, these children's parents are actually your primary clients. They are the individuals who make the decision whether to send their children to you and what they spend.

When you look at your customers, look at the specific needs and values ​​and what they base on their decisions to buy. When providing such a personal service as daytime care, customer decisions may be based on emotional and intuitive elements such as specific items such as pricing, customer ratings, or other quality evidence. Any warranty offered by you can be useless if the customer does not feel the seller's empathy and confidence.


Everything that potential customers can do to care for preschoolers and not their submission to their day-care home can be seen as a competitive one. It involves not just direct competition such as other day-care homes, day care facilities, preschools and montessori schools, but also substitutes for day-care supplies such as babysitters or parents' decision to stay with their children. At some price and comfort level, even these parents may be interested in daytime care, although they have been described earlier. On the basis of revenue-based revenue and the size of the target market of customers, it is necessary to examine whether it can only compete with direct competitors with the market share or change customers using such substitutes.

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