How do we measure exactly the size of the breast?

"I'm a 34 cup B", "I'm 36 CC" – How often do you hear these uncertain numbers about friends? These are the design of breast sizes and not the rocket science to measure the size of the bra and the cup. Everything you need is a tape measure and you have to wear the most comfortable bra and you're ready. To measure the accuracy of the breast size, two important measurements are required: Bra size and cup size

1. Step: Measure your chest directly under your breasts. Add 5 to this number. If you get an odd number after adding 5, look for the next equal number. Example: If your rib is 30 inches, 30 + 5 = 35, and round 36. This is the size of the bra.

2nd Step: Measure the fullest part of your breasts. Remove the bra size from this number, then use the table below to find out the cup size.


0 – 1/2: AA

1/2 – 1: A

1 – 2: 1/2 B

2 1/2 – 3: 1/2 C

3 1/2 – 4: 1/2 D

4 1/2 – 6: DD

6 – 7: DDD

For example, if your breast size 38 and bra size are 36, 38 – 36 = 2. From Table 2 above the size of cup B corresponds. So there is an easy way to measure your breast size. Measuring the size of the breast also helps to determine the size of the rags

For example, if your breast size is 36. How does this relate to dress size? In general, clothing manufacturers make 4 inches of "lightness" in their clothes. So, if the size of the garment is 40 inches, then it fits perfectly with you.

Measuring the accuracy of breast size has many benefits:

1. The clothes and the underwear are better fit and look better.

2. You can keep track of progress when you are a teenager.

3. If you started a breast augmentation program, the measurements help you track the progress.

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