How could you live away from disposing of children?

It is natural that a parent desires the best for their child. That's why when you are away from the baby, you are so painful, so I'm interested. It forms part of nature just as breathing air. I know there are many approaches to treating the silent treatment of the child.

Some people say they keep coming in contact, even every day. Some people say that they do not come in contact with the person who provides silent treatment so that they can choose you. They are always their choice. Some people say what I think about a compromise to contact them on birthdays and holidays to show that they are still interested.

Of course, everyone has to make their own decision. Every circumstance is different, and any event that has led to silent treatment is the only possible alienation and the subsequent pain is unique.

I understand the mourning of parents who are afraid of terror, fear never hear from their children again. I understand the feeling of emptiness, betrayal, anger, sadness, guilt, guilt and hope as infinite frustration and confusion.

Is my question to you, to all those whose dreams are broken how will we respond? What do we want? We were hoping our children would always be with us, and as much as we love them, they will feel and appreciate and receive the same natural love for us.

We know this is not so many families. So what are we gonna do now? We all want to be happy and I believe that losing contact with children is a huge mountain. Do you think I can be happy when my son or daughter does not recognize me, does not contact me or maybe he will not answer when I contact them? And you might feel that your life only feels pain. there is no point in living. You do not see the mountain in this direction. It is a feeling of rejection, and we treat it as if we did not exist, such powerful images that in any case cause damage to our minds and make the enjoyment of life impossible.

You might ask yourself, "If anyone knows how to handle this strange feeling, I still want to work out things" and your inner thoughts may be "I do not know how to live that way"

This is my view, I know that it is not the only one, but based on my experience, my consciousness and my thinking about my situation, you need to know, you are not the only one. This is probably not a big consolation, but I just mention giving you some context and some perspective. Of course, hundreds, if not thousands of parents, capture the same nightmare across the USA.

Some Key Points:

1. You worry because it's natural, as we said.

2nd I think there is an element for kids who do not care, which is natural. Especially when they are teenagers or twenty-two, the children base their own identity and try to strengthen their independence. How many "no rebellious reasons" we have all heard about it. Sometimes they are angry, and if you ask, they could not tell why. They're just angry because. Because they are separated from each other because they are healthy not to be so dependent on their parents, nature forces them to take care of themselves and make them extreme. They have their own perspective. We mourn our loss and we do not understand why they allow us through this pain. They have their own mourning. They mourn the things they feel they have been doing their life, the things that made them uncomfortable, things that made them unhappy. I can not judge whether it is reasonable to be unhappy or not, but the reality is that they are. They are so unhappy that they are wrongfully and rightly or wrongly accused of their parents because it is unhappiness. How to live with this situation? I think the first thing for us is to go back to the basics. By this I mean that parents have a basic, innate desire to have their children look good and healthy to be happy. And from this point of view, when you think about your children, do not think of the aspect of the child that alienates, but think of the basic desire to have a child healthy and good and grateful for it. He did the best, stop to defeat something that might not be entirely his influence. Many other factors affect the behavior of the child and it is impossible to know each other. Go back to the basics to be grateful for your child physically healthy and hope that your child will feel emotionally healthy in the future to let you know what the problem is and / or find the path to reconciliation.

5. You are not just a parent. It has many roles. You are a friend of yours, can be aunt, uncle, mentor, tutor, confidant or coach, husband, wife or football coach

. You must magnify your good work in your life. You have to magnify what you can control in your mind. And you have to minimize this part of your life that causes pain. You have to invest your thoughts and energy into something else. The parent is not the only one. What other role do you have in your life to watch? If you have no other role, then it's time to create them. Be a volunteer, be a big brother or mother for a child who is orphaned. What else can you be grateful for in your life? Did you hear or see Sergeant Joey Jones's story? He lost both legs in Afghanistan. This is an inspirational story because it rebuilds his life without his feet. He will do everything. He goes to school and leads and inspires other soldiers in the same tragic situation.

I think that the question "How do we live this way" is found on this question. The answer is this "it". He can not live like this, with the reality that his alienation is the only role in life. You're more than that. You are more than that. Do not let yourself be defined as the role of the parent.

This is the answer. Find new roles that go beyond this. Become an athlete, read classics, review a book, knit, box, swim, become a doctor, find another passion. All your passions are already locked in your children to free them from silence, from the alienation jail. Enough! Relax. You can free yourself. You are in your own mental prison. Leave yourself. There is no loneliness. No more prisons. He did the best and now you have another passion in your life.

Reduce your child's issue. Enlarge the rest of your life. Whatever you do, it inspires and feels better about how to rebuild and create a new life with new roles and new friends and new goals.

If you do this, you will feel better because you can control it in new roles and you can really make a difference between other people and your own life.

Let's swim every day, either run or walk, just move, so you can move metaphorically and really leave yourself far behind.

And what about your children, think about some basic thoughts, not just grateful, they are healthy but grateful to their own integrity. If you want to stay alone, good, leave them alone. Be happy for them to have their independence and freedom and of course hope for a better future that at some point you will realize that you are the man as they are and that he has done the best in the past with the knowledge that [19659002Andwhentheyjoinyouagaininthefutureyou'llbeamazedatthegreatlifeyoubuiltforyourselfYoucanalsowinthescreenplaywhenyourelatetoyourselfwillbehappyapersonwhohasgonebeyondtheroleof"this"intheroleofanalienatedparentsomeonewhoistrulycontentwithpassionissomethingotherthanmourningthepassingwhodoesnotgetawayfromit

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