Help your ADD / HD child

There are several factors to consider when saying that your child is ADD / HD. The first thing you want to do is to understand ADD / HD. You also want to sit down and list what your child has as a unique individual, ADD / HD. Keep in mind that this diagnosis is observational.

If your child is ADD / HD, your child ADD / HD is born. What happened that made it to be labeled now? What were the stops that led to high energy, curious, creative and bright to disability? Start a journal about your children, ask for comments, especially from those who are around the child when you are not.

Ask yourself and other key people in the child's life about the following questions: Is there a day, day, weeks, or certain situations that seem to trigger the child? Keep food records and keep track of your child's eating as much as possible. Are there certain foods that cause spikes and crashes? Or some foods that lead to acting or melting? How about some situations or people? Did the kid have a year at school or camp where their behavior seemed to be manageable? Was there any significant change in your child's world, for example, in life situations, in acquiring or losing a close friend or family member?

Talk to your kids and tell them as much as possible and compare them to others that day. See where they can make improper assumptions or do not understand the bigger picture of what's happening in a particular situation.

Keep in mind that every very bright child is in their heads and is impatient to learn to understand and break when they are bored.

If teachers or other people strongly encourage the idea of ​​a child ADD / HD, ask them to be as accurate as possible why. In order to better understand what's going on here, we get them to find answers to the questions asked. Ask what solutions think if your child is ADD / HD. If you want to go to a drug-based solution, make sure that you are aware of the benefits that your child can offer and handle more easily.

Maybe your child has ADD / HD, so what do you want to keep clear: after this gift is an unmanageable problem and the drugs are solving the problems or hiding them? First of all, remember that there are many factors in the lives of your children, which may lead to the submission of an official diagnosis and drug repair claim, and that these factors are easily lost in drug treatment because drugs seem to solve all the problems.

When you have linked your child and child with an ADD / HD diagnosis, you can start moving things and see how issues change. Start with the diet and see what changes can happen in the environment. Small classrooms, interactive pedagogical methods, and more challenging curricula keep your child's attention faster and faster, better serving your child's learning, growth, and development, and eliminating the need for labeling or medication.

Take the following into account , if the ADD / HD diagnosis is in the air:

Problems can be caused or exacerbated by diet, environmental, emotional, mental and even unnoticed physiological factors.

if you are remedying what is the short and long term side effect of your child's mental, emotional and physical well-being? Does this tag serve or retain them?

Thirdly, is the child responsible for situations where failure is not her? Was "failure" because of an education system that does not know how to work with these children? Are teachers or other education or care providers prepared to provide what the child needs to fly and flourish? I want to make it clear that it is "poorly equipped", I can say that primary adults are ill or that the situation they are forced to work is unable to provide the necessary environment. But I also want to make it clear that if we are curing children or children by teachers, classrooms, lack of proper assurance of the necessary resources, and if everybody does not have to be medicated, healing is morally condemned and we need to look at priorities in this in the country.

Or should they be remedied because we do not provide support, education, and resources to family unity? Do we heal them because the family does not know or do not know what the bad food is or how can we give these children the necessary support? Or because information is directed by groups, institutions and businesses who do not have the best interests of your child? Do parents make a decision for the healing of their children because the unilateral information they give or is forced or manipulated to feel that this is the only course of action if it is not really that? It is too easy for this chaotic, accelerated, crazy world to convince you (my conviction) that the quick solution is right. In other words, happy meals and pills are a good parent,

Finally, dig up the upper layer of information if you really want to know. Numerous information is available on the Internet. What you often find first is controlled information. There are numerous studies and evidence that ADD / HD as a disability diagnosis on the surface supports it and says drug treatment is the primary option. Large, nonprofit groups who use this problem, provided by the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. But if you dig deeply, the evidence is not so clear or persuasive. Parts of studies that question the drug as a viable solution are often excluded. We hear about brain research, but we hear only half a story. We have not heard anything about studies that have long been worrying about the healing of children because they bury the information provided by pharmacists' sponsors and dig deeper.

Along the way, you'll find the miracle of all natural, one-stop purchases that claim to cure ADD / HD and be as cautious as they are. You need to understand a whole child, create complete child solutions, and make sure they represent the unique child that is yours. There is no quick fix, no dimension matches any approach. And if all I've said is that he does not have enough head, I do not see AD / HD as a disability, something needs to be cured or eliminated. This is part of an evolutionary process. These children and adults are different, non-disabled, learn and work differently, no less able. In fact, they often have the ability to succeed and do not fail

. The question is, how would you most like to support the child? To be integrated – or should they be who they are and can all be?

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