Help on First Day in Child Care, Kindergarten or Nursery

So it has undergone the process of selecting kindergarten or day care, but the first transition may involve the child being included in childcare. It is just as difficult for a parent to do so. It is your child's safety and well-being that he or she has ever met and is completely normal, nervous, afraid and sad. It is also important at this time to return and look first at the reasons for looking after child care. Focusing on the big picture will make transition easier.

  • The preparation of the first day is often the most important key to smooth transition therefore, after making a decision and confirming enrollment with the provider, as soon as possible the visits to the teacher (s) as soon as possible to know the neighborhood. So why not stop a few visits and play for a while playing with the kid. Stick to your child for a short transformation or play activity with you and the new teacher as it demonstrates to your child that they are in a friendly relationship with the teachers and will help to establish a trustful relationship with new teachers.
  • Talk to your kids about all the fun things they do at the day-care event . There may be excursions, there are some games and lots of new friends. Get something special out of your home like your own consolation. Over time, the need for temporary objects will decrease.
  • Be Reliable Make sure you know when it comes back to receive it and not delay it. Better get it early! Telling your children when they come back in the sense they understand will help alleviate their fears. They tell them they return after lunch, or they give them a day-time event.
  • Developing a good bouquet of rituals In most stressful times, most children rest on rituals as they find them reassuring. So plan your goodbye. Some parents try to get out when their child is not paying attention to avoid tears. Do not do this! The child must know that they can trust you, and the jump does not strengthen the feeling of trust. Say goodbye, hug and kiss and go out. If your baby weeps, it pretty much warrants to stop before reaching the end of the street.

If you have to leave your baby for the first few days, you will have shorter visits. Do not leave them all day. Shorter visits provide time for adaptation and allow them to learn their experience of returning. Keep in mind that you have a calm and positive attitude. Infants and toddlers are particularly sensitive to the moods and quickly catch their voice, face, touch, or behavior.

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