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What is more important than the health of children? And as a parent, how difficult is it to make sure that the child's child is healthy? With obesity statistics that achieve a record height, we have to think differently about how to provide the healthiest products for our children. This article deals with this topic and provides only one way to change your thinking about healthy foods. First of all, the facts:

Less than 15% of primary school children consume five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Vegetables consumed by primary school students are ca. 25% of potatoes.

Finally, most elementary students do not consume any fruit in the daytime, and the main one consumes less than one serving of vegetables per day.

Do you often understand this? Probably not, but I think the majority really does not know what to do to solve the problem. Where do we start to change this? We all know what our kids do not want to eat, right? Is there a real solution for our children to eat spinach? Luckily. One way is a dark chocolate that is produced exclusively by a Reno Nevada company. Here are the facts:

This unique line of companies is the dark healthy chocolate that kids love to eat, yet contain antioxidants that help improve the concentration, memory, mood and dental health of children. It also brings a wide variety of nutrients to the needs of growing bodies.

One of these chocolates has a daily diet that is the same as the baby, eating 13 pounds of tomatoes or 7 lb of spinach.

So you can tell why you did not go to the local grocery store and get some dark chocolate from here? Unfortunately, the chocolate available in today's stores does not contain the same amount of antioxidants and health benefits as they are heat-treated. And when the chocolate is heat-treated, about 80% of the antioxidants are lost. Not to mention that these chocolates are filled with sugar, fillers and preservatives.

The company that chooses this chocoalte can choose from 7 different healthy chocolates. This chocolate does not contain waxes, sugars, fillers or preservatives. Dark healthy chocolate is made exclusively with natural products, is diabetic and vegan-friendly.

Finally, as a parent, it's now a healthy alternative to chocolate chip cookies or Oreos. So when your baby loves something sweet, they give them dark, healthy chocolates, like giving them a plate of spinach filled with them. What could be better?

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