Health effects of haloacetic acid (HAA5) in drinking water

Halogenic acids are a group of substances on the list of residues of by-products or water treatment. The formation occurs when chemicals such as chlorine are placed in the water supply to remove pollutants and are used as drinking water. The latest home water purification or camping water filtration systems are capable of separating these acids and other contaminants from any water source.

Components of haloacetic acid groups are monochloroacetic acid, dichloroacetic acid, trichloroacetic acid, monobromoacetic acid and dibromoacetic acid. Usually they are able to turn off pathogens in groundwater. Ensure the care of treated drinking water during transport from source to final destination – End Users

Effects found in laboratory experiments conclude that water treatment by-products have a carcinogenic effect. Furthermore, like chlorite, they also cause dangers to development. One specific example of this is the deterioration of the development of brain cells between fetuses and infants. This effect was the same for pregnant women. The ability of healthy offspring to behave is also affected by by-products. Random lesion is another effect that can be most commonly occurring in women that contain drinking water with too much halogenic acid.

This by-product group is associated with increased risk of cancer. The parts that can be easily influenced by excessive exposure of haloacetic acid to the kidneys, liver and nervous system. Studies have also shown that adverse effects are getting worse as a person is constantly exposed to the increasing volume of these byproducts.

Unfortunately, the body easily absorbs these byproducts. After absorption, the halic acids are taken to the blood stream. These acids remain in the blood cells and cause anemia. Another body part that easily absorbs them is skin. Skin absorption of haloacetic acid may cause skin irritation and dryness. Their effects cover hair proteins. Hair fibers are mixed with protein and cause damage to your hair is blurred and fragile.

The rules for absorbing quantities were determined by the government. Suppliers of drinking water and treatment have been informed of these regulations that ensure the safety of the population. To ensure your and your family's safety, you must be familiar with your drinking water supply. And for more water safety, clean domestic drinking water with a water purifier or a camping water filter

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