Handling packages for soldiers

Overseas soldiers' supply packages … Do you know that a man in Iraq has such a gift? You probably will know that at least one person is currently in Iraq that you want to do something nice. For me this is my friend, SGT Mary Walters.

SGT Walter serves as a 1-189. From Aviation Battleship Helena an, I1 Office in Iraq, Sergeant of Personnel Service. His office is responsible for the management and accountability of the army in the battle.

Everyday, Walter faced situations that would test any steel soldier. But not all is hell in Iraq. Joy is evident in the glitter of every chaos. For example, when Blackhawk helicopters throw football balls and candy bombs, the kids run. "The waves and smiles on their faces – the trust and the relationship between Iraqi citizens and US soldiers are getting stronger," says Sgt. Walter.

"Soldiers point to children and their families that these gifts come from US citizenship, children are always excited, smiling and excited about the candidates."

It seems that these soldiers appear to be endlessly benevolent. It is very interesting that we have received from the world we give to the world. This is what we learn in physics – the third law of motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is what Buddhists call the Law of Karma.

Your actions spin around you just as Earth spins around the sun. Walter is well aware of this while trying to do well and is good for everyone he meets or meets. She makes sure she uses her life, which can be benign. He was mentally and emotionally reinforced by this soldier.

And like this soldier, you can do something good-natured. Send a care package to a soldier abroad. If you do not know someone personally, you will get a list of soldiers, marines, overseas sailors and seafarers who would be happy to receive the Keystone soldiers care package.

I asked Mary what things she wanted to get, and this is his list:

  • Shampoo and conditioner (small sample bottles at a hotel or $ 1 from Wal-Mart )
  • Phonecards
  • Single dusty package of Crystal Light and Gatorade
  • Cattle
  • Handwipes
  • Cookies or Chips Melt)
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dried
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Batteries
  • Playing Cards
  • Hand Games
  • 19659002] You can buy a cheap plastic box from Wal-Mart (shoebox size) to send an e-mail. The soldier who receives the gift can use it to store the box when he or she enjoys the gift. The recipient will recall his generosity every time the container is used. You should also use the US Postal Service to send mail to overseas soldiers because many other commercial carriers do not ship to Iraq, so make sure you are safe. We will send you this Latin motto to SGT Mary Walter and all the armed forces in Iraq, NeDesit Virtus, . Finish the quest and return home safely. Welcome!

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