Gulf War Syndrome – It's Real and Handled

Heart problems. Muscle pain. Remember falling out. Mood and sleep disturbances. No, this does not describe the 85-year-old grandmother's medical chart. These are just one of the symptoms of the disease known as the Gulf War Syndrome.

In the United States and all over the world, veterans are fighting as part of a war that was abandoned 16 years ago. In the 30s and 40s, thousands of men and women have the priority of their lives – a fight against a disease government says does not really exist.

So the "official" verdict is still in the Gulf with a War Syndrome, a name written on the mesh of symptoms of ex-soldiers' suffering. But touch on countless blogs and veteran forums and probably come to the conclusion that most of our veterans experience painful life-changing changes that are coming home soon. But there is hope. The veterans of the First Gulf War are environmental toxins (such as oil fires), chemical and biological weapons (nerve gas), dust, and even vaccinations to teams ( especially the antrax vaccine and the polio booster)

if the aforementioned factors are not uncomfortably cocktails alone, sarin perceptions, potentially fatal idiopathies; taboo, neuroparalytic toxic; and sulfur-toxin gas in the air was reported on January 19-21, 1991. between.

Typical symptoms of the Gulf War Syndrome include aching muscles, irritability, thick saliva, weight loss, skin rashes and memory loss with chronic feathers, severe breathing and headaches. In addition, birth defects and deaths of the soldiers' children, as well as cases of motor neuronal disease and leukemia were recorded.

Although no one disputes that the soldier of the war is probably the most traumatic occupation on earth, stress and anxiety alone does not seem to explain the meaning of disease and disease among the Gulf War veterans. The most likely solution is detoxification; ie removes dirt. These troops are literally toxic waste containers! Detoxification seems simple enough, but how?

As mentioned earlier, there is help. Liquid zeolite has been shown to safely remove toxins and chemicals from the body. The liquid zeolite used for detoxification subsequently caused huge buzz in both the alternative and the traditional medical circles. There is nothing but the mineral; this is a unique material that will develop when the volcanic lava flows into ocean water. Homeopathic medicine has been used for hundreds of years.

The zeolite structure, which is honeycomb, traps the toxins and safely removes them from the body.

If the population can benefit from detoxification with liquid zeolites, how much more did the Gulf War Veteran know, which levels of toxin were hundreds or even thousands of times larger than the civilians?

These brave men and women do not seem to get the help they need, so they trusted them to find a solution. Both armed forces and the government deny that the problem is simply because the Gulf War Syndrome does not fit the medical institution's traditional definition of "disease". Because of this rejection, veterans and their loved ones seek alternative treatment (which is usually a good thing) for the Gulf War Syndrome. Many people found relief from detoxification with liquid zeolites. To learn more about zeolite and its many advantages, visit the following resource.

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