Greek and Spartan helmet types

The Greek city states to which Sparta belonged also had a very unique culture. It contained recognizable soldiers. Their armor, weapons and helmets are still admired and sought after by collectors, re-enactors, stage performances and historical fans. Here are some of the most popular helmet types available today in online retail stores. What do you think when someone says "Greek helmet"?

The first thing that jumps into your mind is Spartan's soldier, a red cape, a round bronze shield, a long spear, a bronze or a copper helmet with the ever-popular pen. Fortunately, the stores have recognized this fact and this type of helmet is widely available on the Internet and brick factory. Usually, the name of a fashionable Corinthian helmet or simply a Spartan helmet is the replica that will be great compared to your collection.

Most likely to see three types of helmets: a brass helmet with a tan or a red feather, a black sweater, or a silver (plain metal) helmet with a striped pen. All of them are as fine as a Spartan or Greek helmet. I may be surprised to hear that none of these were historically the most commonly used Spatan soldiers. Most Spartans wore helmets that were quite simple and did not have pens. They had two long face shields and an air gap. Although historically made of bronze or copper, today's reproductions are made of steel or copper. Popular Greek Helmets of Others Hoplite Helmets.

Hoplite was a general soldier of Greek armor and carried the recognizable white round shield and long spear. They are great for robbing knights and soldiers accusing. However, since they were not very movable, they were vulnerable to the back attacks. The hoplite helmet is now available in many online stores. This is a standard silver, metallic, and long-styled pen. There are other types of Greek helmets, but these are the most common and basic of ancient armies.

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