Games and children's age

Many things have been told about the choice of toys by age, whether chronological or developmental. Research shows, however, that this is only an important general guideline.

The game and, consequently, the evolution of the game is a gradual process, a common denominator, a continuity. This means that all stages of the game are caused by the stage on the front, and the current position of the position towards the end. Thus, in one stage, questions of current status were raised, what happened and what happened: then finding that an object's own game is a certain age can cause serious mistakes in the education of boys and girls. game development and game selection

Of course, we can not ultimately go to ignoring the age of selecting games, because to a certain extent all ages have the peculiarity and typical features and characteristics. But it is generally more important than game, mental level, and the development of the child's and child's social life, limitations of chronological life.

However, the chronological age seems to be important considering the structure of the game. For younger children, the best toys do not have to repeat the object in question, but rather reflect the function of the game. Boys and girls, however, are much more interested in detail at the end of the baby and are less tolerant of the awkward distortions of reality in the material provided for their play.

In short, with age, the purpose of the game is to reflect more accurately the reality to allow children to play better.

The determining factor of age is the ability of the game to allow the child and the child free enterprise and creativity. The biggest mistake you can do in the games lesson is choosing from those who will not allow the change and not allow them to get rid of their creative ability.

The last point on age is limited to the size of the game. In early ages, children prefer larger games. For example, with these bullets, larger ones belong to larger groups that are related to their motor and mental capabilities. Children are also interested in small reproductions: motorists, zoo miniatures, game soldiers, barely attract children's attention.

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