Fitness – Benefits of Children's Practice

For children, physical activity means playing and physically active, such as gym classes, school practice, or dance lessons. Everyone can benefit from regular training. An active child:

  • Feeling less stressed
  • Feeling better
  • Be attentive at school
  • Healthy posture
  • Healthy bones, muscles and joints build and retain
  • Sleep more at night
  • Regular exercise helps children manage physical and emotional challenges that a typical day shows is that they need to run to catch a bus, bending down a shoe or learning a test.

    Parents should encourage their children to perform various activities to work on three elements of fitness: (1) perseverance, (2) strength and flexibility.


    Endurance develops when someone is routinely doing aerobics. During aerobic exercise, the heart swells faster and one person is more difficult to breathe. It regularly and sustains aerobic activity and strengthens the body's ability to deliver oxygen to all cells. Examples of aerobic activities: basketball, cycling, football, swimming and running. In the language of the child, stamina is like "leaving the puppies when a tag is playing".


    Increasing strength does not mean lifting weights. Push up, stomach rubbing, pulling up, and other exercises help tone and strengthen muscles. Kids also have powerful activities in the game when they are climbing, performing or wrestling. In the child's language, the power is what is needed to "walk through the monkey rods".


    Pulling exercises help improve flexibility, allowing the bend and movement of the muscles and joints to be fully moved. Kids should look for day to day when they try to catch the game, practically breaking away or turning over the couch. The child's language requires flexibility to "bend your shoes".

    Thirty-sixty minutes of exercise a day is enough to strengthen your bones and muscles and prevent children from taking too much weight. Parents can be a good example by being active themselves. Together you can practice for everyone fun. With competitive sports, kids can be physically active. Walking or cycling to school, bowling, dancing and swimming is another fun way for kids to practice.

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