First Day in Child Care

The first day of the nursery, childhood, play school or kindergarten is great for you and your child. It's exciting and scary. Here are some tips on how to best prepare both for the big day and help make the transition smooth.

* Seriously prepare your children forwards, mentioning what a great adventure camp will be with many friends and games. Keep a low key however; do not overdo it, because it can overwhelm the baby.

* Try to promote independence in the weeks before the nursery, with friendly visits, hand washing, etc.

* Be sure to visit the cradle before you go to your child a few times,

* Make sure everything is packed in the sun, for example. Snacks, garments, comfortable toys, etc.

* Tag everything

takes these tasks away.

* Make sure you have plenty of time to make the "big morning of the day". with a good breakfast and a little talk of a great adventure.

* Allow the child to help pack and carry the bag.

* When you arrive at the nursery, your child holds it in your hand – do not take it.

* Most cradles have a sort of time (depending on your child, a few days or longer) where the child stays longer. The first day is likely to stay in your room, allowing your child to keep his or her own business, but keep in mind. Measure the reactions from the room and explain that you are ringing and are in the hall. Let the staff confuse the child and watch it remotely (obviously, do not let them see it).

* When it's time to sit in the car or go for a coffee, she says, mom will see later. positive quick kiss and leave the room. If your child glides, do not look back – remember that if you do not see it, the child is crying for a while and the game and activities are diverted.

* It is very important that you determine this fall from the first day. Firm and consistent children are key.

* Finally, remember that your nursery always does this. Known Drill & # 39; so listen to her advice. They will be called if they have concerns, so do not worry.

Now enjoy the cup of coffee in peace !!!

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