False accusation of abuse in the army: Who is the victim here?

Forensic consultant and author Dean Tong declares: "About 270,000 apagers are sacrificed annually throughout the United States for unfounded and false child sexual abuse." Family courts and child protection services are faced with fake injuries aimed at interrupting the parent-child relationship. They are so bad as they are blaming in the civil sector, they are much worse in the army. In the army, the soldier says little after being accused and following a command order that the prosecution affects his own career, not the soldier.

Family advocacy for the Army is equivalent to child protection services. The responsibility is to investigate the charges of criminal offenses. Unlike child protection services, however, there is an additional source of family advocacy – the military command chain. Upon receipt of any allegations of abuse, the Family Advocate shall notify the appropriate authorities (such as the military police), the commander of the soldier or the first sergeant. After the soldier has been informed of the claim, the soldier must respect the rights under Article 31 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The soldier is then "advised in writing" not to return home or to be in contact with the spouse or the children, except the person appointed by the family interest representation. This is not formally referred to as a Contact Order or Military Protection Order (detention order). Failure to execute the order is subject to punishment under the Military Laws Code.

After informing the soldier of his rights and issuing the military defense order, the commander, or probably the first sergeant, orders the soldier to go out of the house and into the barracks. (Some units have separate rooms open because they are so common). A soldier is being taken home by a military officer while wearing uniforms and personal hygiene products. In many cases when the soldier can return home, the spouse moved out and the soldier remains in a vacant housing or apartment. It often disappears all personal belongings except what the spouse does not want.

There are two options to report abuse of domestic affairs. These are Limited Report and Unlimited Report . The limited report does not initiate the investigation procedure and does not report detective agencies or military command orders. With unlimited reports, the detective agencies, including the military commander, will be notified. Both have advantages and limitations. For example, in Restricted Reports, a soldier is not placed under a Military Protection Order. However, if it is a real abuse, the victim does not have the available protection provided by the Unlimited Report – the military defense order. If a third party submits a claim to a family interest representation, it automatically becomes an unlimited report. Certain professions, such as nurses, teachers and social workers, are mandatory reports. According to the law, every suspicion of abuse must be reported. An angry spouse can simply comment on a compulsory journalist who is preparing a report on abuse of family affairs.

Lautenberg amendment is a supplement to the 1968 Arms Control Act. "It is a criminal offense to anyone condemned a crime of domestic violence for the purpose of carrying, carrying, possessing or receiving firearms or ammunition." An angry and vengeful spouse who has decided to end the soldier's career will press the buttons. A simple blow can lead to the conviction of domestic violence and immediately end the military career. The soldier who does not carry a firearm is useless for the military.

If the spouse moves to another state, the investigation is forwarded to the nearest establishment; however, it is not unusual to stop the trial due to failure to attend the spouse. The spouse reached what he did: puts the servant into a great stress, leaves all the assets, children, causes destruction in the care of a member of the service, and is likely to destroy the personal memory of a member of the military service, a last attempt to "evenly" . However, the military defense regulations will remain in force.

The false accusation of family interest representation for the same reason is so common in the civil sector. A quick and easy way to eliminate the relationship between the individual and his children. One accusation is that a "poisonous and revengeful" spouse will be a military member under house arrest while filling up some of his belongings and leaving the installation. Just as in the civil sector, if the charges are proved to be false, the accused will remain unpunished. And as in the civil sector, most of the charges are unfounded. Since spouses of false accusations can not be reckoned again, they will not be prosecuted again.

There is little manipulation of the military system; however, it is necessary to start fake claims to the family court and child protection services, due to the overwhelming majority of the annual charges. All false accusations of child protection services take away the resources needed to investigate allegations of genuine child abuse abuses. Nothing justifies any child being subjected to physical or psychological abuse. It is our responsibility as a society to protect our children and to allow us to pass on all of our responsibility to the fact that we have the responsibility to defend our children and that the false accusations of abuse are being overwhelmed by the undercover and underserved investigative agency we have no underdeveloped and underfunded investigations.

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