Facts of child trafficking and sexual abuse

Not all of us are aware of the fact that man and child trafficking are the second largest criminal activity in the world today in terms of the number of people who are victims and the total value of criminal networks of criminal offenses. For example, UNICEF has shown that child trafficking alone costs over $ 12 billion a year. This does not include women and men in trafficking in human beings or smuggling with forced labor.

When it comes to child trafficking, the most likely targets for victims are prostitution denz and broths. Although not all of them are sexually abused or prostituted, most of them are still exposed to various sex-related exploitation. Others can work in factories and sweat networks while children's soldiers or warriors work in countries and territories where they do not belong.

With the rise in the number of children who have been the victims of trafficking, the United States is no exception. The National Center for Missing and Kidnapped Children reported that nearly three million children left their homes for various reasons, such as domestic violence and neglect. Almost one third of the children in this issue go into pornography and prostitution.

When kids and teens run away, traffickers and sex offenders will become more vulnerable. Their home is the best shield against these criminals, and without their parents taking care and careful attention; they may be misleading and misleading, much worse and forced to perform or agree with sexual relationships. That is why the power of the home environment is critical to the child's well-being and survival.

According to the US Department of Justice, most American children enter the sex industry at the age of 10. This is clearly a cause for concern, not only among parents, but also among the general public, including government authorities, stakeholder groups, human rights organizations and others. The commercial sex industry is rapidly growing to the point that the Ministry of Justice brings more than 300,000 children a year.

In addition to the vulnerability of prostitution trafficking, children are equally sensitive to online pornography. Although it seems very worrisome to see children as pornographic subjects, there are actually perverted people who treat young people as their sexual fetish. With increasing popularity and web access, children are increasingly prone to different forms of sexual assault.

With all this in mind, we must always stand to strengthen our family units, both on a personal level and as a society. This means strengthening marriages and family relationships. This means that we spend more time to get acquainted with every child's friends, teachers, trainers, and anyone with whom they interact. This necessarily means that the well-being of your children must above all be placed on the priority list, even yourself.

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