Examples of internship programs

Now it is possible to practice apprenticeship in almost every field of employment – including law and experimentation. Below we examine the common areas in which we can learn today's diverse labor market.

Workforce for children and young people

Childcare practices can lead to a long and successful career path in one of the fastest growing employment sectors. Trainees for children and young people are familiar with all aspects of childcare planning and supervision of activities, keeping records, communicating with parents, and communicating effectively.

Health and social care has a variety of needs in their own homes, carers or residential homes or in a sheltered accommodation. As people in society are growing steadily, skilled staff should help their clients enjoy the best possible quality of life while retaining as much independence as possible.

For manufacturing and welding

for welding with a variety of welding techniques and their respective application areas, including hand metal (MMA), metal inert gas (MIG), metal arc shielded gas (MAGS), tungsten shielded (TAGS) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) while working on engineering drawings for measuring and marking different plate materials before manufacture

Electrical Engineering

A wide range of electrical engineering skilled tradesmen are involved. These include the safe and effective repair, maintenance and installation of various components of electronic and electronic equipment

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering training covers a wide range of engineering disciplines and engineering skills as well as mechanical engineers or installers, designers, construction services, and they deal with different plant machines and their components depending on their area of ​​employment. The skills required include machining, welding and fitting of CNC, among others, and mechanical engineering training is an ideal platform for entering the field of expertise.

Dental Care

Dental Care Traineeship allows candidates to complete the City & Guilds Level 3 Dental Care Diploma and the successful completion of the course will allow them to register with GDC as a dentist specialist. He is currently spending 30 hours a week, gaining practical experience in a dentist's surgery, additional 3 hours of apprenticeship time (typically 15 to 18 months).

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